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'Everybody enjoys women-bashing, including women'

February 17, 2016 14:56 IST

'On our 11th wedding anniversary, I told my husband that we need to do something together. I felt I was raising a baby all by myself and I needed him. So we decided to do something together.'

'After a lot of brain storming, we thought of doing a web series on women-bashing.'

Krishnadasi actress Chhavi Mittal tells us more about it.

After a long break, Tumari Disha actress Chhavi Mittal returned to television with Krishnadasi on Colors channel.

Based on the prevalent traditions of devadasis, Krishnadasi is about Chhavi's Tulsi character, who wants to protect her daughter Aradhya (Sana Amin Sheikh) from the tradition.

Chhavi tells correspondent Rajul Hegde why she took it up, and also introduces us to her interesting web series. 

You have sung the title track of Krishnadasi.

Yes. I have been a part of music reality shows as a singer before. I have also done a Masters degree in Indian classical music. But I haven't pursued singing professionally.

Nothing could have been better than this opportunity in the show. 

I was told a day before the recording, so I told them to send me the track so that I could listen to it while doing my makeup, and in my vanity van. I was nervous but it went well, better than I had expected. Ashish Rego is the music director. It’s the title track for the three generations of characters in the show and I have sung for my portion. 

Why didn't you make a career in playback? 

My mother is a singer and a music lecturer. Actually, it’s in the genes. 

I started training at the age of four. There was a time when it was understood that I would grow up and get into playback singing.

But playback is not easy. Acting is easier.

During a short visit to Mumbai from Delhi, I realised singing is not my cup of tea. There is so much talent and struggle involved. After I forayed into acting, music took a backseat. 

Isn’t it amazing to be dancing, acting and singing in a show?

I just realised that (smiles). 

I am proud of myself. The character requires depth and maturity, and that was the most challenging part of the character. She is polite yet assertive. There is crying and dancing involved. I am a trained Kathak dancer but crying takes a toll on me.  

Honestly, till the show happened, I did not know Krishnadasis still exist or that there was a tradition like this. I knew about devadasis vaguely but I did not know what exactly it was.

When I became a part of the show, I did some research on them.

Apart from all the respect they got, their life was tough.

It’s difficult for me to relate to the character but I try to be on the sets everyday and relate to that pathos. 

Your web series with Karan Mehra, called Shitty Ideas Trending, is becoming popular. 

My husband Mohit Hussein and I started a production called Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT). People who have seen SIT have loved it. And that makes us do better.

Men ...The real victims couple Ashwin (Karan Mehra) and Shalini (played by Chhavi) are a hit. People love him as much as they hate me (laughs).

We have another video called Boys will be boys. That's picking up. We upload videos every Friday. 

How did you come up with the idea?

My husband is a television director.

After we had a baby in 2012, he got very busy with work. We had no time for two years, we barely saw each other.

Last year, on our 11th wedding anniversary, I told him that we need to do something together.

I felt that I was raising a baby all by myself and I needed him. He would miss our daughter as well.

So we decided to do something together.

After a lot of brain storming, we thought of doing a web series on women-bashing because everybody enjoys that, including women. 

Are there any personal references?

Mohit is the Shalini in the relationship! (laughs)

In a Subway episode, I said I want toasted bread, not grilled. That's his specification actually.

Isn't toasted and grilled the same thing? 

Are you going to rope in stars on the web series?

Celebrities probably will happen when we have a lakh followers. Right now, we have 15,000 followers and that's pretty good for a six-month old channel.

Rohit Shetty told me the other day that it was a brilliant series, and that he was watching it.

Ranbir Kapoor watches it too.

A lot of people watch the series, and that's good.

Stars can come on board free of cost because we cannot afford them (laughs), and still make money. A lot of advertisers are approaching us, and that is very encouraging. 

How does your daughter react when she sees you on television? 

My daughter is three, and goes to play school.

When she sees me with other children in television ads, she gets upset and starts crying.

It’s tough for both of us because we miss each other when I am shooting. But I had to start at some point. I want her to understand that mothers work as well. 

Will you explore singing more now?

Ashish Rego is planning a single with me. So hopefully, you will see me in a music video!

Rajul Hegde / in Mumbai