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'Dropping my pants when I was angry was wrong'

August 08, 2023 13:14 IST
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'I already won.'
'The fact that I was spotted and my name was heard and my face was all over India!'

Jad Hadid and Avinash Sachdev have been eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss OTT 2 just a week before the grand finale on August 14.

But the Lebanese model and actor is not ruffled by his eviction or the fact that many people are calling him Pooja Bhatt's 'servant'.

"She is someone I would go to whenever I was upset, sad, angry or even happy. I called her grandma and she loved that. She is a loving and amazing person and if me being supportive to her looks like a servant to people, I am happy to be her servant," Jad tells Contributor Mohnish Singh.


How do you look at your eviction from Bigg Boss OTT 2?

The moment I entered the house of Bigg Boss OTT was when I considered that place my home.

I am out of the house, but I am still home because India is also my home. So whether it is the house of Bigg Boss or the country, I am still home.

I don't deserve to be called 'evicted'.

This word is too big.

We get evicted from jail, but the Bigg Boss house was not a jail.

It was a school, a home.

It was a place where we were safe, we were eating, sleeping, taking care of each other.

I was just sent on a vacation.

You came out of the house just a week before the finale. Do you feel disappointed?

Not at all.

Look at it from a different perspective. Look how far I made it.

Seven weeks! Don't you think that's a trophy?

Seven weeks, from a different culture, different background, language barrier, lot of differences...

How did I survive that far? How did I make it that long?

I mean, I already won.

The fact that I was spotted and my name was heard and my face was all over India!

I know how big Bigg Boss is.

Two things everybody will remember whenever they would think of Bigg Boss OTT 2 will be you kissing Akanksha Puri during one of the tasks and you flashing your butt to Bebika Dhruve.

Well, first of all, yes, that was an impulsively wrong reaction: dropping my pants in a moment when I was provoked and angry.

But you know, sometimes when you are angry, you react without thinking and then you are like, 'Oh s**t, what did I do!'

The regret is not going to make it better.

That was wrong and some wrongs cost us a lot and make us look really bad.

That moment didn't represent me at all.

I was rushing to make it better, to change the situation and apologise but it was a bit late because she (Bebika) was angry and, of course, she had a right to be.

She is expressive.

If I loved her, I loved her for that.

She is an extremist.

If she is emotional, she is extremist. If she loves you, she is extremist. She would protect you with all her power. If she is angry, she is extremist.

I am happy I got the chance to actually flip the switch and change the situation and gain her back. Now, our friendship is different.

She is like a little sister to me.

What about the kiss with Akanksha?

I think she liked it but you (the media) just like to highlight things.

What's wrong with it? It was beautiful.

The only thing that was wrong was me saying she was a bad kisser.

She is a wonderful kisser and I apologise for saying she is a bad kisser because at some point, I felt like I was blown away.

My eyes were closed, and when the count was over, I pulled out and was looking around me, like what's going on? Why is Avinash laughing?

So I went to Avinash and told him that she is a bad kisser. Five seconds later, I hit my head. I was like,'What the hell did I just say?'

No, she is not, and I apologised to her later.

I owe her an apology, and want to tell her, 'This kiss, if it was in a movie, the movie would be a huge hit. You made this moment remarkable and so beautiful.'

Do you feel that some housemates took advantage of the fact that you don't belong to India and don't know much about the culture here?

Yes, it took me a little while to understand because I don't speak Hindi.

They are more comfortable speaking to each other in Hindi and then they would translate it for me as much as I could understand. But at some point, I was bothered for asking all the time, 'What's that? What did you say?'

I had this question mark on my face all the time and that was bothering me a lot.

I had to force myself to stop understanding the body language and pick up words and try to connect the words to the conversation they are having.

They didn't take advantage of it.

It was a struggle for me because it was my job to understand it, my job to learn, my job to fit in.

I hope I did that.

IMAGE: Jad with daughter Cattleya. Photograph: Kind courtesy Jad Hadid/Instagram

What do you have to say about your bond with Pooja Bhatt?

My bond with Poojaji... I think some people are calling me Pooja's servant.

That's a little harsh because she is the eldest in the house and I respect her a lot. She is someone I would go to whenever I was upset, sad, angry or even happy.

She understands me.

I called her grandma and she loved that.

I can't wait to introduce her to my daughter because Cattleya will fall in love with her.

She is a loving and amazing person and if me being supportive to her looks like a servant to people, I am happy to be her servant.

What would you like to say to the contestants who are still in the game?

Elvish, Pooja and Jiah, I wish them all the luck.

Whoever wins, wins with respect and dignity and they don't lose themselves just for trophies.

The trophy will be on the shelf but respect and dignity cannot be on the shelf.

Your dignity is what you carry with you in life.

So I hope that whoever wins, they win with respect and dignity.

Who do you think will win?

There is a huge chance between Elvish and Abhishek.

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