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Bigg Boss OTT: Who made Akshara Cry?

August 10, 2021 11:38 IST
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Pratik-Divya can't stop fighting, even as the night gets entertaining!

Photograph: Kind courtesy Voot Select/Instagram

Bigg Boss OTT Day 1 begins with the contestants waking up to the dance number Let's Nacho.

Karan Nath chats with Divya Agarwal and asks her to ignore Pratik Sehajpal, as Karan thinks Pratik intentionally picks fights with her.

Divya agrees but says she can't ignore him as they know each other for the last three years.

Urfi Javed joins the conversation and reveals that she wasn't fighting with Pratik in the morning. Instead, she claims she was pulling his leg.

In the living area, Divya talks to Shamita Shetty and Ridhima Pandit about Pratik and how he refused to eat breakfast made by her.

Pratik, on the other hand, tells Moose Jattana that he can't be fake and nice to Divya when things aren't good between them.

Later, in the garden area, Neha Bhasin, Pratik, Moose, Karan, Millind Gaba and Akshara Singh chill together and discuss their connections.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Voot Select/Instagram

Karan, Urfi, Pratik and Moose talk about their friendship and the former says that all four of them are the most honest people in the house and therefore, vibe well.

Pratik states that things change and they shouldn’t expect anything from anyone even if they are friends in this game.

Soon, in the kitchen area, another fight takes place between Pratik and Divya.

Shamita and Karan try to defuse the situation, but their efforts go in vain.

Nishant Bhat joins the drama and sides with Pratik.

Raqesh Bapat tells Divya to calm down and says that too many people were in the kitchen together and hence the unnecessary commotion.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Voot Select/Instagram

Everyone gathers in the garden area to divide the house duties amongst themselves.

Shamita takes the lead and tries to assign chores, but the situation turns chaotic as Akshara and Nishant end up arguing with each other.

Pratik and Divya start attacking each other too. The latter looses her cool when her boyfriend Varun Sood gets dragged into the conversation.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Voot Select/Instagram

At night, Bigg Boss announces the first task. It is called Live Nigh wherein the contestants have to perform and entertain the audience.

Divya takes over the stage in the garden area as the host and begins the task.

Millind Gaba and Neha Bhasin croon a few numbers whereas rest of the housemates show off their dance moves.

Ridhima mimics Kangana Ranaut and Kareena Kapoor Khan, which is quite entertaining.

Everyone is in splits when Moose tries to sing.

The task is going well until Pratik and Divya butt heads yet again.

While others carry on the task, Divya leaves the garden area and heads to the bedroom area. She talks to Shamita and Ridhima about the whole situation with Pratik and how he ruined the task for her.

Late at night, Akshara and Millind get upset with Moose. The Bhojpuri actress reveals that Moose said something unpleasant about Gaba and will maintain distance from her as she doesn't realise when not to cross the line.

Gaba and Moose get into a heated argument, but the latter doesn't apologise and leaves.

Akshara ends up in tears.

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