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Bigg Boss 13: Now, Shehnaaz gets 'friendly' with Asim!

January 23, 2020 12:29 IST
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Looks like equations are changing inside Bigg Boss yet again.

Since Sidharth Shukla is maintaining a distance from Shehnaaz Gill, the latter has been getting friendly with Asim Riaz.

Wednesday’s episode starts off with Shehnaaz and Arti Singh in a heated argument. Gill is hurt as Sidharth chose to save Arti from nominations, instead of her.

Arti feels Shehnaaz is jealous and trying to get sympathy with her drama.

Mahira and Shefali Jariwala try to stop them, and the former finally leads Shehnaaz away from the living area.



The nomination task continues and Vishal-Asim save Shehnaaz whereas Shefali Jariwala saves Mahira. Arti-Shehnaaz pick Sidharth.

Rashami saves Shehnaaz and Paras chooses Sidharth.

While discussing the game, Rashami tells Vishal and Asim that Shehnaaz is nothing without Shukla and he is her actual game.

Vishal calls her a smart player.

After the task, Bigg Boss announces that everyone in the house is nominated except Shehnaaz and Shukla.



A fight breaks out between Rashami and Mahira over food.

Sharma feels there is no need to cook dinner as there are leftovers from lunch.

Rashami wants to cook dinner anyway, so that people don’t call her a kaam chor.

Eventually, she says that Paras will cook rice, and he agrees.

But the fight continues when Rashami talks to Paras about the rice preparation.

Instead of Paras, Mahira gets irritated with Rashami.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Shehnaaz Gill /Instagram

At night, Shehnaaz wants to talk to Sid but he doesn’t listen to her.

She tries again the next morning but Sid makes it clear that he is not even interested in being a friend.

It seems Shukla isn’t happy that Shehnaaz has been getting friendly with Asim.

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