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Bigg Boss 10: When Salman lost his cool

Last updated on: December 12, 2016 15:16 IST

The way Salman confronted Swami Om, says Divya Nair, there is hope for Bigg Boss.



  • Salman confronts Swami Om.
  • Sahil Anand is evicted.
  • Priyanka Jagga is taken to the secret room.


What's garam

Weekend Ka War was worth every minute.

It started with Salman Khan playfully teasing Bluffmaster Baba giving him a 'breaking news' task, which Baba took to another level with his nautanki.

Then, Salman called Bani to the katghara and made her realise why she needs to manage her temper.

When the reality star said she'd never felt this vulnerable in 29 years, Sallu explained that he'd always felt that way in 50 years, so it was okay.

And then he summoned Baba.

In the next 30 minutes, we saw what has not happened before on national television.

As Salman pointed out Baba's mistakes one by one, only to be over-ridden by Baba's cheap gimmicks, the superstar lost his cool more than once.

It was redemption for the other housemates for whom Sallu had finally taken a bold stand and spoken up.

Had it not been for the restriction on content on national television, Sallu may have shown us the lower depths which Baba could go to.

For the first time this season, I felt that someone put the Bluffmaster in his place.

I agreed with Karishma Tanna when she said that annoying Baba makes even the aggressive Puneet Issar more likable.

On Sunday, things were lighter as comedians Krushna Abhishek, Bharti and gang mimicked the housemates and cheered them up.

It was interesting how ABP News anchor Dibang -- who does the Breaking News segment on the show -- and later Hina Khan pointed out that Bani is not as victimised as she portrays herself to be.

Dibang felt she was playing a smarter game than the rest.

Interesting, when Hina raised the point that Priyanka Jagga spat on Rohan, Salman -- who claims he watches every episode of the show -- strangely said he missed the incident.

Dear Salman, you could have missed it once, but not twice.


What's thanda

Mona is clearly feeling insecure about Manveer's proximity to Priyanka and Nitibha.

While that may be normal, there is no reason why she can't sort things with Manveer in Manu's absence.

If Mona has a problem with Manveer and Nitibha encouraging Baba, she is equally responsible by dancing with Baba every morning.

Gaurav, as everyone may have realised by now, is too selfish to be worthy of your friendship, Mona.

It is sad that it takes a Salman Khan to make people see reality.

After all that they did for TRPs, Baba and Priyanka should have been condemned by the housemates long ago.

Now that she has been evicted and taken to the secret room, Jagga may return with much more venom as people are bound to speak ill about her in her absence.

Divya Nair / in Mumbai