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Bigg Boss 10: When Mona got upset

December 20, 2016 14:47 IST

In a house where relationships change at the drop of a hat, Divya Nair says Monday's episode pulled skeletons out of the closet.


  • Rohan, Mona and Manveer are shown trending clips.
  • Mona wants to leave the house.
  • Bani, Mona and Gaurav get nominated.


Who's garam:


The episode starts with Bigg Boss airing three sensational clips featuring Manveer, Mona and Rohan and their opinions.

Manveer is shown a clip where Bani and Gaurav are discussing Mona and Manveer's relationship.

Bani says she saw Mona making suggestive moves at Manveer on a particular night. Gaurav agrees that the two are definitely not bhai-behen like they claim to be.

Manveer loses his temper and confronts the duo.

It's amazing that Manveer did not indulge in mudslinging like Mona and Manu would eventually get into. #Respect!


Since the first episode when the celebrity gang warned her about Manu and Manveer, the Bhojpuri actress has kept audiences guessing whether she's flirting deliberately for attention.

After watching a clip where Mona's boyfriend Vikrant and Manu's fiancée Piku reveal their reactions and feelings, she feels guilty about her stint on the show and wants to go home.

Mona, please don't say you didn't gossip about Bani and Jason. Your memory may be weak, not ours.


Post his one-week break, Manu is a changed man. He no longer practices what he preaches.

Just minutes before the clips were revealed, he was telling Lopa and Rohan how Manveer has no mind of his own.

You are the same guy who said this about Nitibha: 'Woh bandi itni shaani hai... Chaar din mein Manveer iske godhi me!'

Shame on you, Manu. You don't have the b***s to say it to her face, do you?

Who's thanda:


Bani is going from bad to worse on the show.

You saw her having such strong views about Gaurav, judging people really well.

She gave a piece of her mind to anyone, including Swami Om and Lopa.

And then, you saw her talking behind people's backs, especially about Manveer, who has stood by her.


Whatever image he was trying to protect or portray on television has not worked for him at all.

He has been a dishonest player -- selfish and spineless.

Swami Om

Is there a single episode where this man has not butted his head into?

Oh bluffmaster, you have every right to be mum when the discussion is about charitra.

You have said enough about Mona, Bani, Lopa and Nitibha and not even spared beti Priyanka when it comes to mudslinging.

Whoever suggested immunity for you should be made to spend a week with you in jail as punishment.

Divya Nair /