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Bigg Boss 10: What, really, is Om Swami's strategy?

By Tista Sengupta
Last updated on: October 25, 2016 16:59 IST
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Om Swami breaks down and cried in Bigg Boss 10!

After Priyanka Jagga’s shocking elimination, the Indiawaales looked pumped up for the nominations. Although it is against the format of the game, they discuss nominations for this week.

Bigg Boss promptly punishes them.

He takes away the power from the Indiawaales and crowns the celebrities as the maaliks. Unhappy with this role reversal, the new sevaks of the house -- ie the Indiawaales -- discuss the tasks each one has to do.

Meanwhile, the new maaliks of the house have lunch in the dining area. Om Swami sits with them and, within minutes, manages to annoy them. Lopa asks him to leave the table but Om Swami keeps blabbering.

Finally, Rahul Dev demands that Om Swami leave the table.

Unhappy with the attitude of the celebrities, Om Swami complains to the camera that the new maaliks of the house are rude. He grumbles about it to his team members as well.

Minutes later, Lokesh cribs about being unable to step out of the kitchen since the morning while everyone else looks ‘tip top.’ While making tea for Manu, she unburdens herself to Akanksha who seems unconcerned.

Manu, who overhears this, enters the kitchen and tells Akanksha that Lokesh should have told him upfront that she wouldn’t be able to make tea for him instead of gossiping about it.

At this, Lokesh says she asked for Akanksha’s help because she wanted to take a bath before completing her responsibilities in the kitchen. Manu ends up calling Lokesh ‘stupid’ and ‘pagal’.

There’s more drama the next day as Om Swami breaks into tears when he spots Priyanka Jagga’s poster in the lawn. The question is: Was he really crying or was that just a publicity stunt? #GodKnows

Meanwhile, Karan Patel tells Monalisa he is concerned about her growing closeness with Manu, while Bani and Gaurav Chopra listen. He tells Monalisa that Manu is trying to get close to her and she needs to maintain a distance.

Monalisa confronts Manu and tells him what the celebrity contestants think about their friendship. He advises her to take her own decisions instead of getting manipulated by others.

During the nomination process, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to nominate two members of the opposite team by smearing foam on their faces.

Surprisingly, Om Swami isn’t nominated!!!

Manveer and Manu become the targets from the commoners team, along with Nitibha and Akansha. Gaurav Chopra, Rohan Mehra and Monalisa get nominated from the celebrity team.

Manveer gets irritated with Om Swami and they start arguing. He claims Om Swami is double-faced and disloyal to his own team. Is this Om Swami’s strategy? Time will tell.

The next episode will see tempers soaring as well as Naveen loses his cool and yells at Om Swami for not supporting his team.

Will the celebrities be able to retain their maalik status?

Watch this space to know more about what’s happening inside the  Bigg Boss 10 house.

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