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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Movies » Bigg Boss 10: Jason and Mona sizzle

Bigg Boss 10: Jason and Mona sizzle

By Divya Nair
December 05, 2016 14:24 IST
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There were many twists in the show over the weekend, observes Divya Nair.



  • Manveer hurts himself; Gaurav wins captaincy
  • Swami Om and Manu exit the show
  • Elena is evicted
  • Jason does a pole dance
  • Ranveer and Vaani win hearts


What's garam

The captaincy task got ugly and Manveer hurt himself.

The circumstances revealed how self obsessed Gaurav, the plastic celebrity, is.

While the rest of the house attended to the injured Manveer, Gaurav was so engrossed in securing his captaincy that he had to be ordered by Bigg Boss to discontinue the task.

Gaurav and Manveer faced Swami Om who secretly supported Gaurav instead of his beta Manveer. He was exposed, but as usual, insisted that he was only upholding the truth. Bluffmaster!

After suffering his faltugiri all these weeks, it was a surprise when Bluffmaster Baba was asked to leave the house tabadtob so that he could attend a court hearing in a case filed by his brother.


The highpoint was to get Mona, Manveer and Manu's folks to discuss their performance on the show.

Priya, Manu's fiancé, aired her insecurity seeing Manu warm up to Mona.

Vikrant, Mona's companion, on the other hand, seemed convinced that the star of over 100 Bhojpuri films is simply acting to survive on the show.

Talk about yeda banke peda khana! But Vikrant did think his girl was a 'tubelight'!

Unlike Vikrant, Priya looked unconvinced about her man's conduct inside the house. She can clear the air with him now that he has left the house on a sad note.


The best part of Weekend Ka War was to see Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor -- the stars of Aditya Chopra's Befikre -- entertain both the housemates and the audience with their quirkiness.

The always-soaring-on-adrenalin Ranveer clearly put Salman Khan no less in the shade. No chance of Sallu roping in Ranveer to act in a movie with him.

Jason made jaws drop with his pole dance and Mona showed off those seductive moves which have wowed audiences whereever Bhojpuri is spoken.


What's thanda

With Manu and Swami Om leaving the house, there is going to be a vacuum for I don't know how long.

Which means less jokes and even lesser volatile nautanki this week.

Will Priyanka pull off some vampish moves to score in their absence?


Image conscious ('I am here as an actor,' he sternly told Mandana Karimi who accused him of being a bore a couple of weeks ago) captain Gaurav has promised to put the housemates to task about keeping the house clean, a dream that seems far from coming true given the lazy housemates this season.

Can he get best bud Bani to complete ONE day in the house without bickering about selfishness and simultaneously uttering f*** and s***.

Elena's eviction was expected; she was barely active inside the house.

It would have been apt had she taken Rahul Dev along, but it seems we'll have to wait a little longer for that.

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