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This article was first published 7 years ago  » Movies » Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra out!

Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra out!

By Divya Nair
January 02, 2017 13:45 IST
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First Lokesh, then Rahul and now, Gaurav Chopra -- every time a dull celebrity begins to take a stand, s/he is evicted, observes Divya Nair.



  • Contestants bring in the New Year.
  • Housemates receive special award tags.
  • Swami Om upsets Salman (once again).


What's garam

The Bigg Boss awards ceremony

That Swami Om deserved the 'Most Aswach Award' and 'Footage King' tag was obvious, but Gaurav Chopra should have probably shared the 'Kaamchor' tag with Manu Punjabi.

Bani and Lopa were apt people to share the 'Jaani Dushman' tag.

Gaurav is eliminated over Mona

IMAGE: Gaurav, Bani and Mona before the elimination was announced.

Between Mona, Gaurav and Bani, the obvious choice as anyone could guess would be Mona.

The Bhojpuri actor would be more than happy to be out of the house.

Or at least that's what she's been suggesting since the last few weeks.

But Bigg Boss decided to cut down Gaurav Chopra's role in the show.

The image conscious actor was just beginning to participate in decision making and also took some bold stands in the last week.

But as has been the case with Navin, Lokesh, Rahul and previous contestants -- Bigg Boss seems to suggest that taking a stand may not always work in your favour.

As long as he was quiet, he was saved from eliminations.

Sadly, the 'silent player' rule seems to have worked in Mona's favour too.

Swami Om infuriates Sallu

IMAGE: Salman declares he won't let Swami Om use him to gain TRPs.

Finally, Salman Khan admitted it too.

The bluffmaster can really drive you nuts.

Despite warnings, Swami Om tried to butt into every conversation Sallu had with the housemates to prove his innocence.

Salman was smarter this time around and declared he won't let the bluffmasterb use him to gain TRPs.

I wish the producers had sent him home the Priyanka Jagga way and give him a role in Naagin or the timeless Sasural Simar Ka.


What's thanda

Lopa's inability to deal with criticism.

IMAGE: Lopa and Rohan.

I know there are people who feel Lopa raises her voice and is a strong contender.

But her insecurity and inability to deal with negative criticism is one of her biggest weaknesses.

She is ambitious to win tasks, and has taken many failures in her stride, but when it comes to criticism, Lopa is another person altogether.

That's where Bani and Lopa match paths.

Both of them can't handle negative judgments and lose their temper easily.

If Bani's friendship with Gaurav is convenience, so is Lopa's concern for Rohan.

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