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'I'm a lone wolf in this grand theatre of life'

October 27, 2023 15:34 IST
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'But hey, even lone wolves howl at the moon every now and then, right?'

IMAGE: Amit Sadh in Duranga 2.

Amit Sadh plays a gruesome serial killer in the second season of the thriller Web series, Duranga, and he admits that when he signed up for it, he "didn't know the full extent of the character's development".

"When I step into a role, I immerse myself in that character's life, trying to understand their psyche and motivations," Amit tells Subhash K Jha. "It's about finding that balance between my own experiences and the character's unique journey."

Duranga sees you playing a twisted character. Was it challenging and scary? How much did the character effect you?

When I initially approached the role in Duranga, I aimed for a subtle portrayal of the character and the violent scenes.

When I signed up for Season 2, I didn't have access to the script, so I didn't know the full extent of the character's development.

Duranga seems like one of your toughest serials. How did you cope with the challenges of being in the dark zone?

As an actor, I've had a personal evolution in my approach over the years.

Earlier in my career, I used to tap into my own personal issues and experiences to fuel my performances.

But as time went on, I began creating an imaginary world for each character I portrayed.

When I step into a role, I immerse myself in that character's life, trying to understand their psyche and motivations. It's about finding that balance between my own experiences and the character's unique journey.


Is it hard for you to come out of a character?

Here's the thing, once the role is over, it can be quite a transition.

Sometimes, I feel a bit exposed and vulnerable, as if I've shed a layer of myself during the performance.

It takes time to reacquaint myself with my own identity, to step out of the character's shoes and find my own footing again.

It's all part of the journey as an actor, the ebb and flow of fully embracing a character and then returning to being myself.

You live alone and are a loner... Don't you ever long for a lifelong companion?

I like to think of myself as a lone wolf in this grand theatre of life.

But hey, even lone wolves howl at the moon every now and then, right?

So, while I do enjoy my solitude, I won't say no to a good co-star in this adventure. Finding that lifelong companion is like chasing the perfect script -- it might take time but when it happens, it's magical.

IMAGE: Amit Sadh with Gulshan Devaiah, Drishti Dhami and Hera Mishra in Duranga 2.

Does work give you more satisfaction now than it did earlier because of OTT?

The emergence of OTT platforms has certainly brought a different dimension to the entertainment industry.

It's allowed for more diverse roles and storytelling.

As an actor, this expansion has brought a new creativity to the mix. I get to explore various characters and narratives.

But I must say that each phase of my career has had its own unique charm and satisfaction. It's all about evolving with the times and embracing the opportunities that come your way.

The film industry was always miserly in giving you your due. 

It's true that the film industry can be a demanding place and sometimes, recognition doesn't come as quickly as one might hope.

I've been fortunate to have a career spanning over 20 years, and had the privilege of working with a whole bunch of talented individuals.

The industry is filled with people who have shown me a lot of love and support, and I'm genuinely grateful for the relationships I've gained.

I believe that every actor has their unique journey, and it's not about comparing talents.

I've always focused on honing my craft and staying committed to my work.

While it can be thought-provoking to witness the success of others, I prefer to celebrate their achievements and stay focused on my own path.

After all, in this industry, success can come at any moment, and I'm here to enjoy the ride.

I will keep looking at the next milestone.

I will give myself due regardless of anyone else, and I believe that, in terms of the film industry, I'm just a baby taking my first steps.

It's all about the journey, and I'm committed to making it a remarkable one.

IMAGE: Amit Sadh in Ghuspaith.

What was it like playing a photojournalist in Ghuspaith?

It's been an incredibly enriching experience.

Ghuspaith allowed me to pay tribute to photojournalists like (the late) Danish Siddiqui, who tirelessly risk their lives to bring us unfiltered realities of our world.

These individuals are the unsung heroes who use their lenses to capture the truth, often at great personal risk.

What struck me during this journey was the irony of playing a character, who is typically behind the lens while I was in front of it.

The concept that photography itself becomes the hero, revealing the raw stories of humanity, was not lost on me.

It was a profound reminder of the power of visual storytelling and the immense impact it can have.

I hope the film can shed light on their vital contributions.

Also, the direction of the young Mihir Lath and the support of Shakun Batra was great.

The captivating soundtrack by Sanchit Balhara added another layer of emotional depth to the narrative.

Working alongside a talented cast, including Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Pamela Bhutoria and the young Pari Sharma, was a privilege. Each member brought depth and authenticity to their characters, and it was a collective effort that made this film so compelling.

Your future projects?

I have two exciting movies on the horizon.

One is Pune Highway with Jim Sarbh, that has been directed by the talented Bugs Bhargav and Rahul da Cunha. it has been adapted by them from the award-winning play.

The other film is Main where I play an encounter specialist.

These projects hold a lot of promise, and when they are released, I hope they garner more attention and open doors to even more work.

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