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5 Beauty Tips from Raveena Tandon!

By Patcy N
Last updated on: April 18, 2017 16:17 IST
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Follow these tips and stay beautiful, just like Raveena!

Want to know the secret to Raveena Tandon's radiance and beauty?

The actress, who will be seen in the hard-hitting film, Maatr, tells Patcy N/ just how she looks so gorgeous even today.


1. Be happy!

Photograph: Raveena Tandon/Instagram

Your skin and your face is a mirror to your soul. When people ask me why I'm looking so good, I reply, 'My heart is happy.'

So the number one tip would be to stay happy. A smile always brightens up the face.


2. Eat right!

IMAGE: Raveena Tandon in an ad

What you eat shows on your skin. So have fresh fruits and vegetable juices.

I will advice Nariyal Pani (coconut juice) to everyone forever!


3. Wash your face

IMAGE: Raveena Tandon in Zamana Deewana.

A lot.


4. Use less make-up

Photograph: Raveena Tandon/Instagram

Try and use less make-up whenever you can.


5. Go organic

Photograph: Raveena Tandon/Instagram

Go organic in whatever you can, whether it is organic make-up or food. It's important to keep your body healthy.

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