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This article was first published 9 years ago  » Movies » Sunny Leone: It's silly to ban beef

Sunny Leone: It's silly to ban beef

By Sonil Dedhia
Last updated on: April 07, 2015 17:16 IST
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Sunny Leone'With complete respect to all the religions and the choices they have made, I feel it’s silly to ban beef because if you ban one thing, you might as well ban everything.'

'I have a hard time finding healthy food options in India, especially vegetarian.'

Sunny Leone tells us what she loves to eat.

Sunny Leone may follow a healthy diet to maintain her svelte figure but the actress is a die-hard foodie. She loves cooking and eating!

In a conversation with Sonil Dedhia/, Sunny shares her food preferences, and what she thinks about the beef ban in Maharashtra.

What does your diet consist of?

My diet consists of lot of proteins like chicken and fish. Also, a lot of vegetables. 

I can’t binge because, like a typical Punjabi, I gain weight quickly.

I have three small meals in a day.

My breakfast consists of egg whites with cheese and salsa sauce or some spinach and salsa sauce.

For lunch, I like to have salads. I love grilled fish and grilled chicken.

My dinner is similar to what I have for lunch. I love sushi and have it often for dinner. I have my dinner at 7.30 pm and don’t eat anything after that.

Do you avoid eating certain foods?


But I have come up with a concept called the three bite meal (Laughs). For example, if I want to have a pastry, I just take three bites of it. I do this to get rid of my cravings or else I’ll keep thinking of pastry for days!

Recently, I have been craving for pizza. Do you know what torture I am going through right now? (Laughs)

I have tried the Atkins diet, which is a low-carb (carbohydrates) and only protein diet. Following it was not fun for the people around me!

Women have a hard time getting rid of carbs. If they restrict its intake, they tend to get frustrated and angry.

You can always call for a pizza, have three bites and share the rest with your friends.

(Laughs) I wish I could but I have been told to stay off junk food.

At the same time, I have a hard time finding healthy food options in India, especially vegetarian. I cannot eat grilled chicken and fish everyday so it’s very difficult to survive.

What do you think about the beef ban?

I grew up in USA and we had beef at our home.

In India, they have banned beef because of religious reasons.

I don’t eat beef in India anyway because the quality isn’t the same like what you get in America.

With complete respect to all the religions and the choices they have made, I feel it’s silly to ban beef because if you ban one thing, you might as well ban everything.

Sunny Leone in Aahat

Image: Sunny Leone makes an appearance in the TV serial, Aahat.

Are you a good cook?

Yes. I love cooking all things that are bad for health (Laughs). Actually, I love everything that is bad. I love junk food.

I don’t get much time to cook in India, but my husband (Daniel Webber) and I often cook breakfast together. It’s the most intimate time where no one is there to disturb us.

What is the best dish that you make?

I like to make Mac (Macaroni) and cheese. I use seven different cheeses and truffle oil. I like to indulge in it.

One Indian dish you love eating?

I like to indulge in aloo ke paratha with a dollop of butter, curd and aam ka achar (mango pickle) but I haven’t had it for a long time. My mother used to make amazing aloo ke paratha.

One dish you crave for all the time?


My friends know I love pizza but have it rarely and so they make fun of me.

Just a few days ago, a friend of mine from USA sent me a picture of a swimming pool floater in the shape of a pizza slice. The girl was in her bikini, lying on this pizza slice!

Also, there's a restaurant called Arola at J W Marriott in Mumbai, which has the best chocolate souffle I have ever had. I have it every time I go there.

What is your best tip to stay fit?

One should not reach a stage where you have to do it suddenly and go on crash diets and exercise, as your body will go in a state of shock.

I believe in taking baby steps. So my suggestion to people who are just starting out on a diet would be to go slow and have a long term planning, as that always works.

One healthy habit you wish you had?

I am allergic to nuts. I wish I could have included those as my health snacks.

One healthy habit you're glad you are following?

I am glad I do not eat too much. As I said, I like to keep my portions small and light.

One exercise that has really worked for you.

It has to be spinning. I would suggest it to every woman, who wants to get rid of her cellulite. 

One healthy food item we will always find in your refrigerator.

Protein shakes and protein bars.

My refrigerator is the most boring and depressing thing at my home (Laughs).

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Sonil Dedhia / in Mumbai