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'Markets may bounce back but not immediately'

March 28, 2007 14:27 IST
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PRANAV SANGHAVI says, Hello and welcome to the chat. Regret the delay due to technical problems at my end. Let's begin.

Anand asked, Hi, Canara Bank shares are at 202 now. Is it good go buy now?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers,  at 2007-03-28 13:18:37For at least a years time the banks will be in a rising interest rate scenario. But Canara Bank can be looked at witha longer term outlook.
kaps asked, hello Pranav, can you tell me the future of mahindra gesco and reilience natural resourses.I am a long term player and am looking for a horizon of say 5 years.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Kaps, I thini\k Mahindra Gesco has some good development plans in the future and can be held surely. RNRL is a more longer term bet. If your outlook is 5 years you surely can.
kaps asked, also can you tell me where i can get hold of the scripts of the company(any website) and whts the basic and easiest way to analyse it.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, There are various websites whcih provide you with info on stocks. BSE's site, NSE's site,, are just to name a few.
hi asked, Is investing in Mutual Funds whenever market falls better that a SIP ?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, If you are investing in MF's in one shot then yes it is the best time to invest when the markets are correcting. If it is SIP type investment then it will automatically get averaged out.
hi asked, Is Kale Consultants from Tech Pack a good long term investment ? I have holdings in other majors from the sector as well. Am suffering nominal losses in this stock. Should I book losses and go for some other stock ?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Kale is surely not a frontline stock and I always prefer to remain in the frontline stocks so in times of correction the damage is minimal. But Kale is a good midcap tech stock and can be held with a 1` year outlook.
hi asked, Is it a good time to enter Mindtree COnsulting ?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, If it falls below 750 then you could look at it.
hi asked, How about the M&M FS the financial arm of MnM. Is it a good long term investment ?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I dont follow that stock sorry.
hi asked, Is Ashok Leyland good to hold on from long term perspective or shall I book losses ?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes I think it can be held on to.
hi asked, Is IFCI a good long term bet? Can i enter at this stage ?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, At any dips or corrections you could enter IFCI especially below 28 levels.
Kanak asked, Dear Mr Sanghavi, I have a couple of 'Z' category stocks that I bought 4 months ago. I want to sell them now. If I sell, will I have to pay just 10% tax or more than 10% tax? Please help.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You will have to pay tax if you are making profits on Z Category stocks.
Bobby asked, I want to increase my skills for intraday trading, pls guide me how i can improve my skills.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You should take courses offered by the training institutes of BSE and NSE.
ashu asked, I purchased 100 shares of idea cellular @92. Should i hold it for long period?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, If your outlook is longer than 2 years then surely yes. If you look at Bharti that also was a sluggish stock in its earlier years and it took off after that.
ashok asked, I need to invest ELSS which fund you suggest
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Many of the leading fund houses like DSPML, HDFC, SBI Mutual etc are offering ELSS schemes. I will not advise you any particular scheme.
Jyoti asked, how to improve intraday trading skills
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You need to take up courses on charting and technical analysis offered by various institutes.
pranav asked, Hi, My portfolio is as below Union Bank-80 Guj Ambuja-85 Relience petrolium:100 Hotel Leela-50, Sterlite Optic 40, Birla Power-50. Any suggestions for this portfolio
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You can hold on to these for a medium to long term outlook.
siju asked, in the coming days what will mbe status of market ?Will the market go down or market will fall?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think for a short term the markets should remain volatile and the March end results may trigger a short rally before the markets fall again.
kanchana asked, I am holding 20000 shares of Harig crankshaft. Can you tell me the short term, long term target for this share
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I wont be able to give you a price target as I am not a technical analyst but I think it is a good mid cap engineering firm to hold on to.
Thiru asked, Hi Pranav, Is this the right time to invest lumpsum in the Mutual Funds?.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, If you are investing with an outlook of longer than a year then yes.
fundu asked, US housing market is declining, Yen Carry trade is becoming an issue, inflation rate is high, rising interest rate, high valuation of many stocks, rising crude price due to iran conflict, not so reforming and encouraging budget 2007- after considering all these factors- due to see market will bounce back- what can be the implications?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Markets may bounce back but not immediately. The corporates will have to give a strong performance as they have done in the past over the next few quarters before the markets bounce back.
anup asked, Hi can u tell me buying Infosys at 2008 and keep for 6 months will fetch better result
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes you could get into Infy.
dhara asked, how good is to buy reliance petroleum
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, They are tagetting a completion of the plant by 2008 end and so commercial production should star in 2009. If you can wait till then, then you could look at it.
Bobby asked, sir, i want to improve my skills in intraday trading. pls help me how i can improve my skills
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Please refer to a reply to a similar enquiry in this chat.
Alwar asked, What is the outlook on Logistics Sector especially AllCargo Global
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, They should see good volumes for the next 3 to 4 years.
anup asked, is it good time to invest in HCL Tech
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would rather look at Tech Mahindra or a TCS.
Rahul asked, what abt investment in ifci? Pls suggest me an ideal time to invest in.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, One can never predict an ideal time or price. But below 28 it does look attractive.
sun asked, Hi Pranav, Is it right time to go for RPL or wait for its prices to comedown? I am holding 50shares@429 of Parsvnath what to do?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Sun, for RPL you will have to wiat beyond 2009 for substantial gains. As for Parsvnath it could correct further.
Diya asked, Dear Mr Sanghavi. Could you tell me 5 stocks from a 6-month to one-year perspective that I can invest in? I have about 2 lakh rupees to spare. Thanks in anticipation.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would look at ITC, TCS, Tech Mahindra, INFY, Wipro, SBI, L&T, BHEL amongst some other stocks.
Rahul asked, i'm holding EIH ltd @ 100.5 Till dt it has nt shown positive response. Pls suggest time to exit.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think they do have some development plans and could be held on to.
mokvin asked, Between Dr Reddy and Aurbindo Pharma which one is better for 12 month investment at CMP?
think Dr. Reddy will be a safer bet.
gt asked, What is ur opinion about Elder Pharma in the long term horizon of 1-2 months?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think they have restructured a lot of their operations and have resulted in more efficient and cheaper operation s and better bottomline ratio's. They are also looking to acquire a leading brand and I think it should do well.
Ananth asked, what's the future prospect of mahindra gescor????
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hold on.
Ganesh asked, What is your view on Geometric Software. It has gone down from 140 to 101 level.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would look at a more frontline stock.
Kamal asked, Dear Sir, I had 200 of Himadari chemicals and industries @ 345/-. Please advise
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on witha 1 year outlook.
Som asked, Hi Pranav, What is the fate of Nirma? It is falling down day by day. Is this the time to dispose it or invest in it?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Som, most of the FMCG are falling due to various issues like falling margins etc. But you could hold on the Nirma.
raji asked, i suffered losses in tatasteel,sbi,ivrcl. should i hold or switch to other stocks to recover my losses. regards
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on to SBI and IVRCL. Tata Steel you will have to hold on for much longer.
ishu asked, Which are the aggressive mutual funds that you would recommend at this stage?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, DSPML has good growth funds, SBI Mutual, HDFC, Templeton are some of the other few.
kannan asked, This is the correct time for TVS motors to buy?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, TVS has tough competitors in the face of Bajaj and Hero Honda. They are trying to gain market share, so you will have to watch its monthly sales figures and quarterly results before taking a call.
gt asked, I have a portfolio of 700 GSFC Guj state fer chemmical what is ur opinion...should I hold of exit?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hold on.
Pavan asked, What are your views on midcap IT stocks like polaris,tata elxsi?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would stick with the frontline or quality mid cap.
Sharat asked, Hi, How many more years will this bull run continue?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think we still have another 3 to 4 years atleast.
prash asked, Hi Pranav, what is your view on ITC... it has gone down from 180 levels to 140's
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I am a buyer at these levels. I am bullish with a longer term view.
Jaggu asked, Hi Pranav, What is your view on sugar industry for next 2 quarters? Is there any chance of recovery?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I am not too bullish on the sugar sector. I would not enter it.
BULL asked, Hi Pranav, let me know ur take on Century Textiles?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Even though the textile sector has unerperformed the market you could hold on to Century.
fundu asked, Since the market is volatile, high inflation, increse in crude price- isn't good to park some money in bullion (or Gold ETF)?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, One should always sprad their investments between, Gold, Property, Equity Bonds and Liquid cash like FDs.
atul asked, I have purchased 200 shares of Indiabulls real state at Rs. 365 . What i Do Holdor Sell?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, With a long term view of 2 to 3 years you could hold on.
madhur asked, i am a starter and want to invest money in share market .Will u sugest were to invest.?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I have mentioned a few stocks and courses also which you could take up in my earlier replies. Please refer.
rkmk asked, You didnt answer for a question on TVS motors. Do you think it will correct still.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, In the short term it could but longer term it should appreciate.
santidgp asked, i m purchase bajaj hind eq.@ Rs. 298 . Now rate is 180 what i do?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would switch to a growth stock. I dont think the sugar sector could outperform the markets.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could retain Unitech, JK Paper, Essar Oil RPL, from the ones you have mentioned.
AWQA asked, Hi, I have ITC, what is its future prospect, I am lossing substantial money in it?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would hold on.
manish asked, wht abt. mkt. today
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, SENSEX is down by around 200 points.
Rahul asked, I hav itc@ 168 hindalco @ 148 zenith @ 32 Pls suggest abt these stocks
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hold on. Dont panic.
BULL asked, I have centuary textiles @550. Should I hold on?
Mayank Gupta asked, Hello Mr. Sanghvi. How are You? Can you please tell me what exactly is prce to earning (P/E) ration in share market.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, P/E ratio is basically the market price divided by its Earnings Per Share (EPS).
Sharad asked, Hello Sir, What are your views about Mcdowell, I am holding it @40 since long???
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would still hold on. It is a good bet.
fundu asked, Pranav, don't you think all dividend from mutual fund houses should be in ECS form? SEBI must make it mandatory. Recently, Magnum tax gain- distributed dividend in cheque- irrespective of the fact that we opted ECS transaction in form
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Unfortunately our banking system is not yet fully computerised. But if you write to the MF I am sure they will send the dividends in electronic form directly into your account.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could look at IDFC and Mindtree.
Rams asked, hi Pranab,, i would like to know abt the short term prospect of the stocks idea and mindtree??
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could hold on.
prash asked, hey pranav, I have been following your recommendations on good scripts... and if I am not wrong ITC is one among them, now it has descended from 180's to 140's so do u still recommend it... ? I have bought 500 shares at 176 and another 500 @ 165.. how should I go about this now
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I am still a buyer at these levels. One also has to move with the market movements if you are a shorter term trader. If the markets are correcting you can always sell and cover at lower levels. But if you are a longer term player then corrections should not perterb you.
ESKAY asked, Sir, Please advise on CAIRN Energy. Got 130 shares in IPO.
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Swithc to a growth stock.
share asked, Wht is the short term target of Grasim and ACC?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, In the extremely short term there could be a negative sentiment but longer term I think they will perform well.
ESKAY asked, Your 6 month outlook on Dabur & HLL?
PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Dabur can be looked at. HLL I would watch its next two quarters before investing.
PRANAV SANGHAVI says, Ok its time for me to leave hope to see you'll next week. Bye.

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