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'Market should stabilise in a couple of months'

August 08, 2006 15:42 IST
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PRANAV SANGHAVI says, Hello everyone. A very good afternoon. Lets begin the chat.

avni asked, hi

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hello.

pankaj asked, will the sensex move upward withing the next 2 to 3 years? cause I see a lot of political change this elections

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Overall if the top companies keep performing as they have in the past, I don't foresee a problem with the markets rising steadily. Political scenario shall play a minor role in the markets outcome as the broad policies will remain intact as they did when Congress took over from BJP led Government a few years ago.

mahajan1109 asked, i have got 2000 shares of indaprastha medical @ 40/- per share, what should i do

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I don't follow that stock but I see it is about 25% below your acquisition cost. I would like to know your rationale for investing in this stock, for me to help you.

sachin asked, hi i m holding bhel fut at 2200

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, They have announced a bonus cum stock split. I think you should continue to hold on.

rajat asked, hi pranav. i am a beginner here, jus 18 yrs old, and have a keen interest in shares. i plan to venture into trading soon, could u give me some tips as to how i go about the whole business?? i am in a dilemna of sorts

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would strongly recommend that you first take ample courses and training in stock trading, fundamental and technical analysis etc. before jumping into speculative trading. It requires certain skill sets which normally come out of experience. Plus you will have to devote a lot of time to the markets for active trading.

KRISH asked, hi i want to invest in telecom reliance infocomm or bharti which will be better iam looking at long term thanks

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Krish. I think both the stocks will perform well in the future but if I had to pick one, I would go with Rel Infocomm.

balu asked, I have HLL-100@Rs220, Dabur-60@Rs.133, ITC-50@Rs.175. Applied for 262 Tech Mahindra. Suggest portfolio mix. Is this okay

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes it is a good mix. HLL and ITC are in the same sector though.

investor asked, should I buy ACC at current price?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes I am pretty bullish on the cement sector with a 3 to 5 year outlook.

Sreekanth asked, hi

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Sreekanth.

Shruti asked, Hi, I have invested 50,000 in Riliance Equity Fund and 25,000 each in SBI Blue Chip and HSBC Advantage India, Plz let me know the potential I can wait upto 1 to 1.5 years maximum. Should i hold them or not. Kindly guide me. Regards. Shruti

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi, Shruti. I would need to know the NAV's at which you invested and also your goal for the investment. But in a 1 to 2 year time frame these funds should perform well from current levels.

hj asked, what u think on Ashok Leyland?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Ashok Leyland should perform well in the future. Although, you must carefully watch its sales figures every quarter.

rkapali asked, to day i purchased greateaster shipping at today high 233.30? exit rate is what

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I do not make investments for trading and therefore cannot give you a trading call. But GE is a frontline shipping stock. Recently, their demerger plans were cancelled but if you go simply by a PE ratio basis it is undervalued.

scl asked, Hi , Whats ur take on Jai Corp. Its moving up for the last 15 days. Daily upper circuity. Is this stock outperforming. Why. Has Jai Corp is investing in Infrasturcture projects. Please recommend. Thanks a lot.

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I do not follow Jai Corp. If they are genuinely making investments in the Infrastructure Sector then it should perform well. But continuos upper circuits in a scrip is a red flag for a operator driven scrip for me. So be careful.

avi asked, Is Mid-day multimedia a good bet at these prices for a 1-year investment??

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes, I feel it is one of the midcap stocks which were hammered in the recent correction. One could buy at these levels.

Mridul asked, Hi

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Mridul, I don't see your question, please post again.

Pusadsanjay asked, How is Unitech for long term?What is the target for 1-2 years?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I recently read an article in the paper about them. They have huge plans for the future. I think it would make a decent investment for a 1 to 2 year time frame.

umesh asked, Pranavji , your call on TCS, infosys, HCL tec and satyam

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, All should perform well in the future. Along with Wipro they form the frontline tech stocks of our market. All have given very encouraging results barring HCL according to me.

Shaji asked, I'm working in Afghanistan. How can I do online share trading

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could take up an account with ICICI or HDFC banks online trading facility. They will also provide you with a Bank account and a Demat account which are essential for stock trading. There are various other private players also offering such facilities like ShareKhan, Motilal Oswal etc.

vassu asked, what do u feel for Hind Rectifier any news for bonus issue right time to purchase more?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I have not heard of any bonus or rights issue for this stock. If there is such an issue in the offing the stock will rise depending on the bonus ratio or the rights issue price.

tejida asked, what is a future of prime focus

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Sorry, I don't follow that stock so will not be able to help you.

madhu asked, can i purchase gujarat alkalie at present rate

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could look at it wiht a long term perspective.

thebull asked, how good is aftek infosys? I got it for 60rs

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, It is still hovering around that rate. You will have to wait and watch its quarterly results.

Pusadsanjay asked, Where can the market drift if Fed stops interest rates but oil prices still soar?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Rising oil prices might instill the fear of inflation and flattening of interest rates could accelerate teh inflation. But the Fed has already hiked the rates from below 2% a few years ago to well over 5% currently. So I feel it should balance the effect. Although the Fed meeting to be held today will give more clarity.

Shaji asked, I have my account in SBI with online facility. Can I have to do business online I'm sitting here in my Afghanistan office.

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes you can, provded you have RBI permission.

deepak asked, your call on wipro

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would buy and hold.

ajith asked, is it good to buy IVRCL at the current level

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, With a longer term outlook, yes.

tejida asked, hello, Why all stock analyst are always wrong, wahtever they prdict always wrong, so should we trust on him or not

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would recommend you do your own study before investing rather than going on heresay.

bhavin asked, whats your call on ispat industries

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would look at it with ample caution.

tejida asked, hello pranav, how the future options work ?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would need to take a whole session to answer that query. It is quite complex. Future being the simpler instrument of the two.

arun asked, hi, i need to invest Rs 5000 everymonth in MF's. Is Reliance growth the best choice or do u have any other. I can stay for min 3 years and can take risks.

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, There are various growth funds which are doing well, like DSP Merrill Lynch's Tiger Fund etc. You could invest in 2 or 3 growth and diversified funds.

Kushal asked, Dear Mr Sanghavi, where do you see the Sensex in the next 3 months? Should I buy into midcap stocks now or wait?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I feel the markets should stabilise in a couple of months and post that rise. Buy only quality midcap stocks with pedigree if you look at midcaps at all.

ab asked, Will the Fed rate hike impact market mood in India?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would say marginally as in general most larger market players have factored in the rate hikes.

Mrinalini asked, i have 100 shares of ntpc,iob ,prism cement,centurionbop and vardhman acrylc.iwould like to knoe whether to sell or stay or invested

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, If you could email me the details of acquisition price and dates I would be able to help you better. But Prism cement, NTPC and IOB are good bets.

Mark asked, Hi!What's your opinion about Marksans Pharma & Indswift Laboratories

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I am sorry I don't follow these stocks.

Shaji asked, Pleas how can I do share trading online?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, There are various market intermediaries offering online share trading. Open an account with them.

mukesh asked, i want to invest in sail is it right time ?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, SAIL is a commodity stock. It would be ruled by the commodity price movements in the international markets. I feel the demand for steel shall not subside but the prices will affect the margins.

Michael asked, Is ONGC a good buy at this point in time?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Fundamentally ONGC is a strong company. The rise in Oil prices also will benefit the company.

securesac asked, How good are TCS, Infosys and Wipro for long term? Can I exepct my money to doubles in 1-2 years?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I don't know about double but a 20 to 40% return cannot be ruled out.

Mrinalini asked, sir no reply for my question

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think I just did.

arun asked, hi, i need to invest Rs 5000 everymonth in SIP's. Is Reliance growth the best choice or do u have any other. I can stay for min 3 years and can take risks

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think I just answered that question.

Shaji asked, I'm quit. I don't have time to wait for my number to get answer. If you have any answer to my questions my mail id's

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think I have answered a couple of your queries.

RAJENDRA asked, hi Pranav I have 150 shares of reliance infra @483 and Bajaj hind @ 409 I can hold both scrips not more than 3-4 months is there in future prospects or should i book the loss??

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes I think you could hold on both the stocks.

RS asked, How much rally can you expect if FED does not increase rate this tme

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, If not this time may be in Nov-Dec the Fed may hike another 25 basis points. Markets are a bit watchfull signalled by low volumes. But it will not be a run away rally as was the case in march this year.

ab asked, The markets are surging today, do you think the markets will cross 11,500 by the end of this month?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, At 11,000 levels there could be some selling and profit booking pressure. So one should be cautious.

nalin asked, which one u believe the most...buying stocks by technical analysis or buying by looking at fundamentals of the stock

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I only look at fundamentals.

ajith asked, have bought India Cements at 167/-...shall i hold

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think you could hold. It looks to do well in the next 2 quarters atleast.

rajiv asked, wt is d scope of BHEL

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, BHEL has announced a bonus issue cum stock split. I think you could hold for a 20 to 30% appreciation.

securesac asked, Whats you call on NTPC?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would buy and hold. It has a very strong balance sheet and has given good results as well.

Masoom asked, hi pranav

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hello.

Mubsy asked, what are the futures of Adani exports and sterlite opticals?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Adani is one of the largest exporters in India and they have also ventured into large infrastructure projects like Ports and SEZ. You could look at holding on.

sanjay asked, Hi, What is your call on TCS. What is the expected price say after the end of Q2 ?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would hold on to TCS and don't look at it with a short term perspective of just one quarter ahead. Look at it with a one year perspective. It is a sound company with strong fundamentals.

Masoom asked, Hi Pranav. I have RPL shares worth 6500. The price has not inreased from 60 ever since the issue.
Whats ur suggestion. wud it be wise to buy more or sell off the ones I have

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You could switch to a frontline growth stock. And book profits later and buy in to RPL again. RPL's expected to start commercial production in 2010.

satish asked, Hi Im holding 1000 syndicate bank @92. Is it OK to hold or book loss?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would recommend a hold. A lot of brokerages are also recommend a buy.

phantom asked, When will Indian companies list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). How is Australia percieved as an investment destination?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Australia as an Exchange needs to evolve further as compared to a NYSE or NIKKEI. Singapore Exchange also tried to lure Indian companies to list on it's exchange but were not too successfull.

tejida asked, hello, wht is the future of larsen and toubro

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I see a very strong future for L&T. It is extremely strong fundamentally. It has a capital base post bonus of Rs. 52 crores and has income of over Rs. 1000 crores. Plus it has reserves of over Rs. 4000 crores.

abc asked, I am interested in stocks which will provide good returns over a period of 15-20 years. At present my portfolio consists of TCS, WIPRO, ONGC, NTPC. Do you have any suggestions on stocks which I could add to my porfolio based on the time frame that I have in mind. Your advice is appreciated.

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You have made excellent choices. You could look at a frontline bank cement and some infrastructure and company to add to your protfolio.

Mohit asked, Hi

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Mohit.

SK asked, Hi, Is it right time to SELL SBI or should one keep it for more GAINS

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I would hold for long term it is still under valued according to me.

Ganpat asked, Which stocks or sectors would you recommend from a one to three-year perspective?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I have given detailed replies in my previous chats, I would request you to go through them. Thank you.

sekhar asked, Can i enter BHEL OR RELIANCE INDUSTRIES at these levels.

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Yes you could enter both. BHEL is cum bonus also.

Masoom asked, Hi Pranav. I have RPL shares worth 6500. The price has not inreased from 60 ever since the issue. Whats ur suggestion. wud it be wise to buy more or sell off the ones I have

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think I just answered your query.

jitu asked, what is your suggestion for aftek infosys, i hod from 52

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, You are in profit you could book profit and switch to a frontline tech stock.

Kashi asked, What is the best way to make money in the stock market, mr sanghavi? I don't want to be greedy, but i don't want to lose money either. Do tell what is the best strategy to adopt in the market for small investors?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, In my experience of over 14 years, I have seen only those who have bought and held the stock for a longer period make money. Very few day traders have made money consistently. Also stick with frontline stocks rather than invest on hearsay or B2 stocks.

securesac asked, I invested 50000/- in Franklin - *(Smaller companies) at 10/-. Now NAV is around 8.3/-. Any chances of getting it higher or I should took my money out?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, The midcap company prices are hovering around 8000 levels of the markets. So the quality midcaps will eventually catch up with the frontline stocks as their valuations will not permit the stock prices to remain down. At that time the MidCap Funds NAV's also should rise. asked, good afternoon Mr. Sanghavi, i'm a student with not very much knowledge of securities market but just want to know why did interest rate hike by some psu banks led to in crease in sensex?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, It is not a direct result of the interest rate hike. But a higher interest rate translates to better profitability although RBI did increase its repo and reverse repo rates.

Sri asked, I am planning to buy RNRL shares. What is your take on this?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Study a few more quarterly results before making the investment.

ISMAIL asked, Hai Sanghavi I want to know more about Commodities

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Both the leading exchange offer training on the same. You could take up a basic course.

satish asked, hi pranav, can u answer my quesion? This is the third chat Im asking u the same quesion? :)

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Satish, what is your question?

asda asked, what bout garden silks and Thermax ?? what 12 months price target you have for that

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Both are good bets. Thermax is a nich player and has performed well.

bigbull asked, Whats the future prospect of Suzlon Energy ? Can i enter at this level ?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, It was hammered quite badly in the recent correction. You could enter with a longer term view. They are looking for some overseas acquisitions too to enhance income and revenue.

jaikumar asked, hi

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi Jaikumar

siva1234 asked, Hi, Pranav, Can you share your views about IDBI?

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, It is a decent bet for a longer term. One must watch it's NPA ratio and also its quarterly performance regularly.

bm asked, What is expected price listing for Tech Mahindra... How will it perform

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I briefly went through the prospectus and the company looks to be promising. The past performance has been good. One must watch the results in the next couple of quarters.

Masoom asked, pranav please answer my question about RPL shares

PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, Hi, I think I already have please scroll back.


PRANAV SANGHAVI answers, I think its an excellent scrip to hold on to.

PRANAV SANGHAVI says, Well thank you all for being here for the chat. Hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me. Hope to see you'll next week at the same time. Thank you and bye.

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