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Must-buy rakhis that are fun

July 29, 2006 15:06 IST

Tradition demands a length of shiny string with a sponge and some beads and baubles in the centre. Boring? We went looking for some options - and found ourselves pleasantly surprised at the unusual options out there.

The Inseparable Effect

Get your brother a fork and spoon this year. We're serious. Frazer and Haws, the lifestyle store that has an unusual range of rakhis every year, hasn't let us down this time either.

Its stylish new range is called "Inseparable" and is in 92.5 per cent sterling silver, some of them really cute too! Once you've tied one around your brother's wrist and amassed a sizeable portion of money as shagun for yourself, he can take it off to wear around his neck as a pendant.

As part of the "Inseparable" series, Frazer and Haws has also introduced rope-and-anchor, and lock-and-key rakhis.

Available for Rs 750 at Frazer and Haws outlets in New Delhi and Mumbai.

For that Feng-Shui aura

We know that feng-shui rakhis have been around for some time, but the popularity of these rakhis continues to soar. My favourite place for them is a lovely shop called Kriti Creations in New Delhi's Khan Market.

The rakhis are given a special aura by Sharad, the feng-shui master who runs this shop with his brother. You can choose from wealth, relationship, success and career rakhis.

A tortoise rakhi, for instance, signifies strength and should be kept in the north direction for good fortune. Such rakhis are in the range of Rs 45-125.

Golden touch

Diviniti has rakhis in gold that come in a beautiful case with a wire basket containing kumkum and rice. Its rakhi foil is Swiss-made and is 24-carat gold plated.

Motifs of Ganesh and Laxmi are engraved on the foil and can be detached and reused as a memento. Also check out their Balaji rakhi in gold embroidered with zari decorations. Should make bhaiya happy. Rs 250 onwards.

Karmic quotient

Frazer and Haws also has rakhis that focus on health, wealth, clarity and fame. These rakhis claim to enhance your karmic quotient and have Maha Mrityunjaya, Maha Lakshmi, Gayatri and Surya yantras.

Again, these are handcrafted in 92.5 per cent sterling silver. You'll have to splurge Rs 550 for each.
Abhilasha Ojha