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India's top piracy hubs

October 08, 2003 14:41 IST

Palika Bazar in Delhi, Lamington Road in Mumbai, Burma Bazar in Chennai and National Market in Bangalore headed the list of piracy hubs in India, according to Motion Pictures Association.

Speaking at a seminar on Copyright Enforcement, C M Lall, legal representative of the Indian Movie Association said on Tuesday though piracy in Lamington Road had been brought under control to a certain extent, there was no major dent in the piracy market in Palika Bazar in Delhi, despite it being close to the centre of power.

As per the available statistics nearly 206 criminal cases were registered in 2002 while a total of 2,22,162 video compact discs were seized last year, besides 12,70,190 inlay cards, 3,687 DVDs, 1,494 video cassettes and 270 CD-R burners were also seized.

Use of sophisticated technology in copying films and disseminating them and new strategies adopted by film pirates in evading detection were some of the greatest challenges before the film industry and the police, he said.

With rapid strides taken in technology, it was becoming easier for those involved in film piracy to copy films and disseminate them. The increased number of compact discs, writable burners and the sophisticated technology that enables a single optical disc to hold a number of films had made piracy a very profitable business, Lall said.

Calling on police to conduct more raids, he said the Copyright Act empowered the police to carry out raids suo moto and such raids would help in curbing piracy to a great extent.

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