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Rediff News  All News  » Business » Mercedes-Benz S-Class gets a facelift

Mercedes-Benz S-Class gets a facelift

March 30, 2018 09:00 IST

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class has undergone some cosmetic changes, but it's under the hood where a massive overhaul has taken place.

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Essentially a mid-life facelift, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class has undergone significant style changes but under the hood lies a gargantuan overhaul.

The facade is still distinctly S-Class but changes have been made to the headlamps, grille and bumper.

Mercedes has now introduced a tri-LED DRL setup on the new headlamps as opposed to the single strip on the previous model.

The company claims that the main beam is capable of throwing light over 650 metres. It also features Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus, which enables the main beam to be left on at all times without dazzling others on the road, and uses 84 individually controllable LEDs to light up the way precisely where required. The headlamp cluster looks more suave and modish than before.

A larger and sportier front grille also adds a touch of panache to the face of this new S-Class and the reworked bumper with larger air intakes just goes further to add to its flair. One can easily notice a large black panel in the centre of the grille that serves as a housing unit for the ADAS (advance driving aid sensor).


Mercedes Benz S-Class

The rear has been enhanced with a new design in the tail lamp cluster, which also features an elegant crystal finish. The jewel like glow from the tail lamps is sure to bedazzle onlookers and rounds off the luxurious allure of the car.

The rear bumper has also been redesigned and a chrome strip running seamlessly between the twin exhausts adds a voguish touch to the saloon.

The side profile is still the same but a new set of 18 inch, 5 twin-spoke alloys with high sheen finish give the car a jauntier look.

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Among the changes inside the cabin is the new three-spoke steering wheel wrapped in Nappa leather and adorned with a host of controls. Another enhancement that cannot be missed is the twin 12.3-inch displays in the front that are seamlessly connected, thanks to a single glass frame. One screen serves as the infotainment unit while the other displays driver instrumentation.

The cabin of the sedan can rival that of a luxurious private jet and the regal retro scheme of things just brings more life to the cabin. A single solid block of wood runs across the dash and holds the circular AC vents along with an analogue clock.

Mercedes Benz S-Class

The infotainment unit also offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. Continuing the grandeur offered on the S-Class, Mercedes is offering 64 different ambient lighting options as well as a fragrance package that lets you choose the scent you want circulated in the cabin.

Other highlights are multiple massage functions, separate climate controls for the rear seat occupants, 10.2-inch individual infotainment screens, panoramic sunroof and electrically-operated sun blinds.

The rear seat can also be reclined up to an angle of 43.5 degrees and gets an extendable footrest turning it into a lounge like chair that offers 77mm of knee room.

Mercedes Benz S-Class

We drove the diesel-powered 350 D, which also, remarkably, is the first BS-VI made in India.

Another major change to be noted in the engine is the in-line 6-cylinder layout as opposed to the V6 format of the previous mill.

The engine has been mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission that allow for butter smooth acceleration. The power delivery is surprisingly linear with the turbochargers tuned to precision, rendering a sporty drive.

The 3.0L diesel engine gets common rail direct injection with piezo injectors that can achieve an injection pressure of up to 2,500bar. Drive modes being offered on the S-Class include: Sport, Eco, Comfort and Dynamic.

The ride is smooth, silent and immensely stable. This, in part, is also due to the Airmatic suspension incorporated into the new model.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes with ADAS; the radar based safety technology being offered on the saloon has made it immensely safe and capable.

The multiple driver aides include Distronic, which enables the driver to control the distance from the car in front with speeds of starting from 20kmph up to 210kmph. The system also incorporates active steering that assists the driver in keeping the car in the centre of its lane.

Other radar based safety features added are Active Blind Spot Assist, and Active Braking Assist -- which includes warning, situation dependent braking assistance and autonomous braking.

The S-Class also features completely autonomous parking where in the driver does not need to even change gears or apply brakes.

Images: Kind Courtesy Mercedes-Benz.

Joshua David Luther