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Nano computers: IBM may partner India

June 06, 2006 16:40 IST

President A P J Abdul Kalam has favoured India and IBM jointly developing and marketing nano computers.

Addressing a gathering of IBM employees in Bangalore, hosted by its Chairman and CEO Samuel J Palmisano, Kalam said, IBM is traditionally driven by its founder Thomas J Watson's vision of  'thinking' as a launch pad.

"I was thinking what can be launched from IBM's launch pad, particularly from India," he said.

"Can IBM and Indian enterprises and academic institutions with their combined core competence launch a system or a product that will be new to the world as Watson's 'THINK' slogan made a great change to the world of computers?".

"Can India and IBM think together for design, develop, produce and market nano computers with 10 terabytes/inch2 in eight nano metres size chip? Is it possible? I am sure you may have many experiences," the President said.

Most of the computers of the future and accessories will be micro-sized, wearable and will have wireless communication with each other, Kalam said.

It is predicted that by 2019, the computational ability of an ordinary PC would exceed the capability of human brain and by 2029 it would be around 1,000 times that of the human brain.

"My view is definitely the creativity of the human mind will always be superior to the most powerful computers in the horizon," the President said. "Creativity has to be the business of IBM and other knowledge organisations."

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