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'Nucleus, ITH are good'

May 31, 2005 18:52 IST
Ramesh S Damani : hello everyone, thanks for joining. let's start. I have an announcement. I am very sad to inform you that this is my last chat show on rediff. I really enjoyed talking to all of you.

rittesh : Dear Sir, Sometime back you said that ITC seems to be interested in EIH. EIH holds 24% in EIH associated. Is this the only reason that EIH Asso. is showing sign of great strength? I agree that co's fortune are changing but can this take the scrip to 100+ level from 60 in a month? Please throw some light.
Ramesh S Damani : eih associates has some great properties. the tourism boom is catching up with them

romit : Sir, you said sometime back that you visited Numeric Power and looking closely to this company. Any conclusions at this moment?
Ramesh S Damani : not at this time

kmanish : sir, has the encore rerating happened? is it a more invetment idea or you will still term it speculative?
Ramesh S Damani : it is still speculative. I have sold my trading position

Singla_RK : RETAIL:- Now retail is booming and do you see any allied industry benefit from it. In retail the penetration of branded food items is still low. Your views on niche players like CHORDIA foods. They are in pickels and have recently launched 100 Acres FOOD PARK near Pune. The market cap is just 9 crores. Any other counters which you find interesting?
Ramesh S Damani : it looks interesting, though i am not upto date on day to day happenings. Pickles are great

barrrracuda : the food processing industry is supposed to grow at a rate of 10% per anuum for the next couple of yrs in this context have yu had a look at godrej foods
Ramesh S Damani : i think there might be better bets

asha : sir, u r like a god for small investors who try to earn some money other than the salary thru ur valuable suggestions. lot of thanx to you and i pray to god to shower his all blessings on u
Ramesh S Damani : thx for the kind words

dipsy : good evening sir what are your top picks in gems and jewellery sector? Are u bullish on this sector. These stocks can also be called a part of retail sector as all of them are planning to expand their retail chain. Which are your favourite ones and if you were to pick one out of these stocks which one would u pick? Suraj diamonds and jewellery, shrenuj& co, vaibhav gems and classic diamonds.
Ramesh S Damani : I like GOldiam around 40 levels and some Titan. However no current ideas

jigar25 : Sir, Virinchi Tech, one of you pick is consolidating big time. Is it good to remain patience with this scrip? I bought at 40/- and still holding.
Ramesh S Damani : it remains a small co, so no easy answers. Watch them and let us seehow they deliver

ms2 : Diageo Plc which is the number one in the liqour business worldwide has a market cap of $ 40 Billion and when United Spirits will be formed it will be world number 2 what market cap it can command on that basis. Will it be of same order of magnitude?
Ramesh S Damani : they will have volume but not prices so comparisons are premature

Chat : My father has an old holding of Ruchi Soya. He was keen to know whether the time is right to sell or hold
Ramesh S Damani : i do not follow the stock so no opinion

lpl : I have gone through FT article of may 11 on nucleus It says that nucleus is on the verge of bagging an order like GMAC. Your Views PL
Ramesh S Damani : GMAC Europe is in the bag. Wait for orders from china

sgupta : God bless u sir! Wishing u the very best for your investments. Hope you become the next buffet!
Ramesh S Damani : there is only one Buffett as one Bradman

vbm : Good evening sir I have brought Balmer Lawrie @300 and Torrent Cables @ 200. Your views please and can I accumulate more at current levels. Do you hold these stocks in your portfolio?
Ramesh S Damani : you have bought them recently. Balmer looks good, Torrent is well prices at this time

barrrracuda : telematics which is a continuation of the logistics industry as it links up on road vehicles with the base camp will be a double digit growth industry so far only 25000 trucks are connected out of the more than 3 million,TCI is working on an inhouse version of this software and so is patni and other unlisted cos like e-logistics does four soft also do something similair
Ramesh S Damani : four soft manages the supply chain

nemali : Sir, GODREJ IND-
the results are not so exciting. However, the future seems bright. Pl advise us whether a fresh entry can be made at this levels? Pl advise.
Ramesh S Damani : co has some interesting holdings (godrej cons, sara lee) which has caused the move up

barrrracuda : did yu tender your skf india shares in the recent offer or are yu still holding on for a revised price from the co
Ramesh S Damani : the offer price was rejected by shareholders

RajkumarDaga : Sir, with the government giving 74% in telecom as FDI can tata tele become another bharti in 2-3 years time
Ramesh S Damani : i doubt it. it is too late in the game however it can offer some returns from this rate

SingaporeJB : sir please add this holding to our favourite Godrej "Godrej Agrovet Ltd (GAVL), a subsidiary of Godrej Industries, has picked up 76 per cent stake in a palm oil firm"
Ramesh S Damani : it was in the news

Chat : Mr. Damani your kind views on NTPC for 1 year horizon
Ramesh Damani : looks well priced

kmanish : Sir, you views on another small logistics company. Coastal roadways. big fleet and modernising too is debt free.
Ramesh Damani : i will take a look at it

SA2 : NUCLEUS : Looks really great, is it going to become number 1 mid cap company. it has all the ingredients and i beleive this co. will be talk of the town sooner than later
Ramesh Damani : it is a well run co. let us hope they do well

remin : thank u for everything . god bless. as a parting advice 3-4 stocks that will be main portfoilio
Ramesh Damani : Nucleus and ITH are good places to begin among my newer ideas

granvillejoe : ramesh i benefited immensly from ur chat and also ur suggestion of book part. big picture books like piece of action?i hope we will be able to chat u soon may be in 2-3 weeks time?thanks once again ramesh
Ramesh Damani : thx i am doing a show on CNBC class room on Joe granville

ak : Sir, you can start your own blog on blogspot - its very simple
Ramesh Damani : i will look at it. but it does not allow me to chat with investors

AAyushBhopal :  sir comment whether we shuld hold or book profit in UB Holding/NUCLEUS/AEGIS/MOUNT EVE./Itn. Travel House etcso till then u come back on another sitewe can have some idea
Ramesh Damani : i am at this point holding the shares you mentioned

Nirupama : sir do you still hold arvind product and shree rajtexchemi?What is your latest view after the results?
Ramesh Damani : i booked profit is SHri Raj Texchem,(partially)

amin : hi there read some stuff on asian electronics tie up with westinghouse usa plus good demand for thier products. any views? and all the best 4 the fututre
Ramesh Damani : they seem to be coming out of the morass. Would keep an eye on it

kalyanvenkat : Damaniji, What a good pick this ITH is, first it is a ITC group company and last year the ITC chairman deveshwar joined the board and this year the results have started to show. Knowing devashwar I hope this will get good alliance with some big travel majors
Ramesh Damani : Also remember ITC is moving intoHotels and this will help them.Tourism is booming

kvg : sir what is ITH .
Ramesh Damani : ITH is Int'l travel house

TINU : sir, since you share much & much about liquor on chat show. one last question do you still think that mcdowell & ub holding are good bets for 1-2 years horizon. please reply. thanks
Ramesh Damani : Not risk free at this price, but worth the wait. Ultimate prices may be significantly higher if we are lucky

barrrracuda : although the results fro the qrt have not been exciting shree raj texcm has declared a maiden 5% div
Ramesh Damani : yes, but nmargins and sales are still shoiwng no growth. M cap wise it is cheap.

Ramesh Damani : THanks all for your particiapation and encouragement. It has been a privilege. It is time to move on. So bye and many thanks.