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'Kingfisher will attract attention on listing'

May 03, 2005 17:14 IST

vatsal : Sir whats ur view on polaris? is it a same case like citicorp securities? it traded at 120 rs but the same management is there in polaris so can we buy as a longer term? Is it a case like bad time but good management?
Ramesh Damani : I think management is very different, end client is Citibank.Also market cap is still over1000 plus crores.

stealth : good evening sir my portfolio consists of surya roshni@36, vst tillers@70, gujarat mineral development corporation@300 and venkys@86. Your valuable views pleaseeeeeeeeeee
Ramesh Damani : They all our stocks that I own. They look good to me.

vakumar : Mr.Ramesh, yr view on SKF qtrly result and when open offer will come?
Ramesh Damani : I think it is due soon, don't know the time frame.

sureshmakhija : SIR R U THERE
Ramesh Damani : Hello thanks for joining let's start.

JOEGRANVILLE :  ramesh,u mentioned some time back about EIH assocaites???whatz story behind it??also any potiential companies in water sector???thanks
Ramesh Damani : Market cap is puny, though the company has large interest burden. I am still studying the water sector.

Raju : Dear Ramesh, Do you know of any PMS fund managers in pruICICI, MotilalOswal, Kotak Securities,...? Which PMS Scheme/AMC would you recommend, if one wishes to go with professionally managed PMS?
Ramesh Damani : I don't track them. Look for a good long-term record in bull and bear markets.

baracuda : gati has opened its first china office the trade between the two countries is going to increase by leaps and bounds are you still bullish and when is the rights issue due
Ramesh Damani : Gati and TCI have a China office. I remain bullish on them. No time frame for right issue.

Appu : I don't have any exposure to tech stocks. Would you prefer Nucleus SW over Infy going by the current cap and evaluation
Ramesh Damani : You can't compare the two. Infy is a market leader.

Madhu : Sir, Dr reddy labs is quoting at Rs 630/- and looks very cheap at this time for a period of 2 yrs. Please tell me your views on Dr Reddy labs
Ramesh Damani : It is looking cheap and the deal with ICICI should help P&L.

TINI : sir, ub holding is showing lots of volitely these days some days it is up 5% & some day it is down by 5%. waht is the lesson for small investor from your point of view.. thanks
Ramesh Damani : These things happen in mid cap stocks. My sense is keep an eye on the big picture.

Ramesh Damani : It may be time to accumulate, it makes good sense to me.

vatsal : Sir whats ur view on mtnl sir they have a big market and sir do u think it's cheap company? they have a 100 rs reserve per share also
Ramesh Damani : Somehow growth has been stymied hence no fancy.

Madhu : If we buy a stock in bull market , we have to pay more for that stock, instead if we ener the market in low level ans sell it in peak and get out from the market and just watch till it falls...please comment
Ramesh Damani : That is self evident but easier said then done.

aishwariya : hi ramesh thks the advice you dish out here.Remember all work and no play will make Ramesh a dull boy....
Ramesh Damani : Thanks vivek (ha!)

RKSingla : GAS and WATER PIPELINE:- MAN is in field of GAS/OIL and Water pipelines. Both GAS and Water pipelines are emerging themes in INDIA. Your view on MAN ??
Ramesh Damani : Good long-term story your thesis is correct.

renu : Can we buy Mount Everst at current price for 2-3 Yrs investment down the line
Ramesh Damani : I think for patient investors it makes sense. Earnings are still spotty.

Abinidhi : UBHOLDINGS.After the breath taking run and some decent correction, I think it is a Q in the minds of all Damani followers, what should we do now with this co.?.We need your help.Please please answer.
Ramesh Damani : No correct answer to these questions. It depends on your risk appetite and vision.

SingaporeJB : Even if mallay sales his stakes in united spirit to strategic partner thru open offer, will the price sustain after the open offer as sales to map will not be in our favour?
Ramesh Damani : That is too far away to see. If he manages the company for return the stock should do well.

vatsal : Sir whats ur sense for market still more to go on india story for longer term investor? whats ur feeling?
Ramesh Damani : I think the market is fine, just going through a dull phase.

kapilvm : good evening sir, any idea about torrent cables? are u bullish on it? Do you hold this stock in your portfolio?
Ramesh Damani : I trade in it.

vdatar : Do u think Balmer will post excellent results for this F.Y.& is worth picking @ Rs.240?
Ramesh Damani : I will decide after seeing the results.

JainV : Good day MrDamani, OIL SHOCK : foll seem somewhat insulated from oil shock- agri-chem, tractors, refineries, edible oil, rice stocks, coal, gas? any thoughts or picks please.
Ramesh Damani : Tractors use diesel. Tech is the best hedge.

RKSingla : LOGISTICS Business:- PLEASE REPLY.Import/Export data for first nine months shows impressive 30% growth in india's export. So obviously LOGISTICS cycle is on uptrend. I broadly unterstand the various parts of Logistics chain. But I basically wants to understand the detail about the each part of Logistics chain with the intent of finding some niche business segment with in that chain. Could you recommed me some website or Magazine from where i can find these details.I specially require the various players involves at the Port/Container Level. I tried LoGISTICFOCUS.COM and also GATI/TCI web sites but they dont explain the whole logistic chain.
Ramesh Damani : I am afraid I have no clues for that. Just keep on the Net and something will show up.

ahmedabadguys : Sir historically markets are dull with downward bias for April-sept. period,,Do you see this year my be different??? your views please....
Ramesh Damani : I don't beleive in seasons of the bull market.

simplify : Take a look at Maha Seamless.Worldwide seamless pipe mfrs are running at 100% capacity utilization. With energy security being a prime issue, they will do extremely well. Their M/S is below 1 and considering they can grow at 25-30% for the next 3-4 years,it makes sense. Good dividend too.
Ramesh Damani : I don't follow it but your logic is right.

RKSingla : DO NOT YOU THINK THAT IN STOCKS MARKET ONE ALSO NEEDS GOD'S BLESSING FOR BEING CALLED WIZARD OF DALAL STREET. Because even after 40% annual appreciation (which even Wizard admit is a good annual return), a man who starts with One lac can dream of 1 crores after 15 years and sustaining 40% for 15 years in not easy. So I think initially you need luck also to from lacs to crores and then 40% return will also do it.
Ramesh Damani : I believe you may earn money by luck but you would loose it at sometime. It takes skill to hold on to it.

TINI : sir, is fdi is the only fact while recomnd tv today or some other reason behind it that you find intresting in tv today. thanks
Ramesh Damani : Mainly FDI and cheap valuations.

 ahmedabadguys : Mr. Damani my picks for midcap with 1-2 year horizon..1)Surya roshni 2)Siroplast 3)Valecha engg. 4) EIH 5)Bharatia international
Ramesh Damani : Thanks for the ideas

bhavya : sir good afternoon. i believe you with closed eyes. i have earned from ur scripts like godrej, mcdowell,nucleus software& tata tea. sir at this time i am afraid that in case drought like season happens then sensex can go down sharply flushing all my profit. sir what do u advise me. please sir... ur advise to me for me is advise from my father.
Ramesh Damani : I am not a good market timer. Learn to have patience and conviction and stocks work out overtime. That is my suggestion.

vatsal : Sir i am a student from australia and i am a big dan of u that u also notice that i am always there in chat with u bcoz sir believe me i like ur thoughts and ur feeling but sir from next week i have got a job so i have to work on every tuesday sir so plz be kind for me sir my email address is sir plz mail me once time bcoz i don' want to go far from u plzzzzzzzzzzz
Ramesh Damani : You can still read the transcripts.

nova : :- Good evening sir, since the government is planning to give thrust on Agriculture related products like rice exports. Do you have any picks in this sector like satnam overseas, rei agro and krbl. If you were to pick one which one would u pick?
Ramesh Damani : My sense is REI and Satnam will do well.

simplify : i agree. tech is a good hedge against oil except for the dollar googly. take a look at NIIT Tech. V CHeap on P/S. They have 40% from Europe and are relatively well protected.
Ramesh Damani : The risk in tech is it is dollar dependant, as you correctly mention.

bhavya : sir i have a friend in kolkatta. he says rei agro has rs 300 crore loan & they are presently cheating the investors. have u checked their creditianls sir ?
Ramesh Damani : No I have not.

trojangodather : hello sir i study in america sir i am a huge fan of yours along with my friends sir what do you think of apollo hospitals and is mr malya floating a ewstock for kingfisher air thank you
Ramesh Damani : Do you study at USC and what is your name?Apollo hospitals is good and I think Kingfisher will attract attention on listing.

RKSingla : TRANSPORT CORP of INDIA:- Your views on recent tie-up between their XPS division and chinese company ZHENHUA Logistics. Will it make any signifact impact on their performance.
Ramesh Damani : I think it should. It is a good move if trade improves.

vatsal : sir i know that i can read ur transcripts but sir if i find any good idea then its still needs us thoughts bcoz its not worth without ur advice. really sir i mean it sir believe me
Ramesh Damani : I will try and mail it to you.

vatsal : Sir thank you very very much and sir really u can't believe what i got in ur words? sir thank you once again.
Ramesh Damani : You are welcome.

Madhu : Sir, I guess if there is some thing worng with the management then that perticular stock will be traded in TT segment, please correct me if I am worng. I am scaring that I am not asking a bsic question. Now Mount everest is in TT segment, so that stock price fell donw to less than Rs30 from 37
Ramesh Damani : lots of stocks go into T for T including lupin a while ago

Appu : Sir, I am a novice in equity market and in this long ups and down of the stock market , I still managed to make some gains while my friends lost somewhat.... The key difference was that I had your words behind all my honest thanks and sincere gratitude to you Mr. Damani.
Ramesh Damani : thanks for the kind word.Being a good investor takes time

kingfisher : Hello Sir, your views on ifb agro?? Cheap liquor stock and good candidate for acquisition!! What do you think
Ramesh Damani : It is cheap m/cap basis but dont know much else

RKSingla : NUMERIC Power:- They manufacture UPS(Uninterupted power supply) with major clients Infosys, Wipro etc. The stock is avaliable at 7 times PE of FY05. Do you find it a good buy ???
Ramesh Damani : I have visited them and it is a good co. However have not bought yet.

trojangodather : sir this is pawan sir we met. yes sir i study at usc sir ure adice has been prooven rite from time to time
Ramesh Damani : You are my sons friend right? Are you studying for finals?

RameshDamaniFan : Sir, do you think VST and Mohan Meakins are good buy at these levels?
Ramesh Damani : VST will pay Rs 12 dividend this year and may be Rs 10 next. So on 300 you get a 7.5 yield in 13 months

sriya1 : hello sir After your advice i was reading a lot of articles on teh net about the investment in gold.Lot of people seem to be bullish on it to the extent that they prdict the price to match the prev high of 3700 an ounce by teh end of this decade. what are your views ???
Ramesh Damani : I don't have strong views but generally if dollar fails gold will do well.

Ramesh Damani : McDowell at 300 has a market cap of 1500 crores. UBH owns 40 per cent of McDowell or worth 600 crs. The current m-cap of UBH is 900 crs. Plus UBH ownd UB Beer, Herbertsons, Bayer, Aventis etc. It is not a great bargain anymore but value remains.

DamanisFan : THe greatness of Mr. Damani lies in the fact that he honestly shares his ideas.HE tell what he has bought, put his money where his mouth is.We all know that someone gets a good tip, he wants to hide it from everyone and rofit himself only but that is not the case with Mr. damani and also like other analyst he doesnt make sham recommendation.For many of his recommendation is standing for years.
Ramesh Damani : Thanks for all your kind words, it is a great privelege to share ideas with the public.

RKSingla : Why are you recommending SHREE RAJASTAHN TEXCHEM( is it only because of low market-cap/sales ratio). They dont seeme to own any major asset/brand. Please clarify. Do not you RAJASTAHN SYNTEX is better bet??
Ramesh Damani : It is turning around, slowly, could pay a dividend this year. However it is just a niche bet not a core holding.

baracuda : do you feel that mcdowell can sustain the improved profitabilty,for the next year now that competion has been largely eliminated,and what is your view on the pernod-alec domec deal
Ramesh Damani : I think he has to deliver or he won't be able to raise the money for the airline.

RKR : Sir, we all know your favourites and recommendations.... but markets have had a decent correction...... could you you give us your top 5 recommendatins at currnt price levals? thanks :)
Ramesh Damani : I don't know about five today but I would add nucleus at this point.

mansri : sir, GOLDIAM INTL. can i have it as my core holding? pl advise.
Ramesh Damani : Maybe not core but definitely take a position.

trojangodather : yes sir i am his friend. sir stying up al night thought of getting forst hand advice from you sir and taking a break from studies thank you for ure answers sir
Ramesh Damani : Great. Good luck in the finals and happy investing.

SA : UBH : Has equity 22.2 crore or 28 crore . if Merged UBH companies has increased its equity then will it make difference in their valuation by contributing significatanly
Ramesh Damani : it is going from 22.2 to 28.

alok : Sir dont you think that when they announce merger of Mcdowell and other cos ... there will be frantic buying in these counters ..
Ramesh Damani : That is diffuclt to predict. Let's hope so though. Thanks all for joining. See you all next week. Bye.