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'Oil price is a cause for worry'

November 09, 2004 20:11 IST
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mukesh : Sure. Is the market targteting at 6000 or its a bull trap
Ramesh S Damani : Market remains bullish and in a bull market prices head higher.Hello, everyone thanks for joininglets start

andy : how much is today's godrej news worth? is this what we were waiting for?
Ramesh S Damani : It is good news. The co remains below its NAV.I own it

pinky : Damani sahab. What is ur advise about Varun shipping bought at Rs. 20 & SCI at 100.
Ramesh S Damani : My sense is shipping will slow down in 2005.

andy : oil price is a BIG concern - but will pharma or software be impacted - vs Say Swaraj or Godrej Ind?
Ramesh S Damani : It is a cause of worry. Impact is clearly on global GDP.

mukesh : market may see a correction but I do not think It will be a huge one. The market looks to be tired currently since it will be long vacation fro dipawali and ramzan
Ramesh S Damani : Market tends to surprise on the upside.

jksree : Hi Ramesh, I have bought Vijayabank at 56, do you think its work holding it for short to meduim term?
Ramesh S Damani : I don't much like PSU banks.

JOEGRANVILLE : ramesh, whatz ur take on morgan stanley???
Ramesh S Damani : Looks okay to me.

vbk : Dear Damaniji, What is yr call on Chambal Fert. & Agro dutch. Pls advise. Also, I could not enter godrej Ind. earlier. Is it still worth now entering. Rgds,
Ramesh S Damani : No view on the above 2. I don't like to comemnt every day on price movements. Investors must do own homework.

Sharad : Thanks a lot Mr. Damaniji for not missing any of the tuesday, during the qtrly result period.....
Ramesh S Damani : Sure thing. Thanks

sewa : Sir most of the liquor stocks have run up considerably. Do u still see value in them?
Ramesh S Damani : Yes

shraddhatilloo : Hello Mr Damani, I have two questions for you.One what is your views about picking stocks of SKF Bearings and Finolex at current price, & will it yield good in near future?Two, can you suggest one or two good Pharma & Auto Ancilliary stocks, which you have in your porfolio, or would suggest.
Ramesh S Damani : I can't predict what you will make. I did buy SKF earlier. No news on Finolex.

jksree : Sir, whats your view on Thomas Cook, I have bought it at 480?
Ramesh S Damani : It is a good investment.

Michelle : Will Colgate come out of long term down trend, this time?
Ramesh S Damani : It seems to be snapping out of it.

JOEGRANVILLE : ramesh, can u suggest wht r u reading currently?i throughly liked a piece of action and cablecowboy u suggested me earlier??i like those big picture specific to particular industry books???thanks
Ramesh S Damani : Try Broken Music by Stin. I just started it.Or First a Dream- Jim Clayton.

mukesh : what is your call on Tisco and Gujarat Ambuja
Ramesh S Damani : Otimistic. I own it.

subodh : I am heavily invested in Tilaknagar, Khoday, jagatjit, GM Brw and Mount Shivalik apart from UB group. You never tracked these stocks, do u now ? Of course I am sure of my picks but would be better if u also like them ...
Ramesh S Damani : Khoday is an intersting co. They have moved agressively into BPO. However they may take the co private.

shraddhatilloo : you didnt answer my second questions:can you suggest one or two good Pharma & Auto Ancilliary stocks, which you have in your porfolio ?
Ramesh S Damani : I don't like to discuss my personal portolio. Any new ideas I share here if they make sense.

sewa : Sir, India has a large border. Does that make nelco who has license for unattended ground sensors, a good investment story.
Ramesh S Damani : Yes and Advance micro devices. However orders have not come through.

ahmedabadguy : Damaniji have you got any information on Gati's right issue? boardmeeting was on 6th. but bse site mentions only esop allotment on that day...
Ramesh S Damani : No.

Sharad : Sir, any good value stocks from Group-A which look a good Bonus and split candidate????
Ramesh S Damani : That is imposssible to predict but 2 good A group stocks areTata Tea and VSNL.

HiRSD : Balaji Telefilms - No news on dividend. I bought at 95. Can I hold?
Ramesh S Damani : yes

mukesh : what is your opionion. Shall I buy Orissa sponge IRON @ 45
Ramesh S Damani : no view

ahmedabadguy : Damaniji wishing you very happy Diwali and very prosperous newyear to you adn your family and to all the readers here.....
Ramesh S Damani : Thanks and the same to all of you.Good health and financial freedom.

subodh : What abt Jagatjit and the only country liquor making listed co from Thane, GM Breweries. With McDowell trying to enter the country liquor market, things could hot up ...
Ramesh S Damani : It could

probal : what is your outlook on the marken particularly the software stocks when doller is falling. Thanks
Ramesh S Damani : I would be careful. In fact I booked profit in TCS.

kishore : Hello sir. Do you still hold your views on SKF Bearings and Tata Elxsi, or have you started exiting from them?
Ramesh S Damani : I trade in SKF but Elixsi I retain as a core position.

subodh : U like Micro Inks ... But at current prices, I am more bullish on DIC India, formerly Coates. May be because I have a liking for illiquid stocks - another is Ciba Sp which is having terrific run ...
Ramesh S Damani : That is fine with me. Illliquid stocks have more value thanliquid stocks as a rule

DXBNRI : Hi damani, Hind Saint and declared bonus 2 for 3 shares, what your view on this company
Ramesh S Damani : mMy sense is that they are doing well.

probal : does it makes sence to hold on infosys , TCS, now. whare are they heading now in your sense. Thanks.
Ramesh S Damani : Be careul on Rs/$. Otherwise itseems okay.

sree : sir post 2005 qouta regime will be a good bet or bubble to busrst
Ramesh S Damani : Good bet

ahmedabadguy : Damaniji in defence field astra micro seems to be promising one. It is very illlequid but got nse listing also..your views on the company please.....
Ramesh S Damani : Good co - doing well

vikas1 : Any news why logix has sdtarted falling. Has q2 result out and not good making it fall. please advise
Ramesh S Damani : No news. Results were on track.

probal : Sir if u dont mind cani ask u a question? What do u mean by : u have booked profit in TCS. DID u sold entirely your holdings or only the trading bets. I am sorry if i an asking too much personal question. Thanks
Ramesh S Damani : It was a trading position which I exited.

vikas1 : CREST : Did u like q2 nos. looks like co. is heading for good times for performance and price movement point of view. would u stick to your original plan of good 10-bagger andd give sufficient time and review q by q
Ramesh S Damani : 10 bagger is dificult to say however they have a skill set.

baracuda : have alook at shanthi gears,it makes gears for the textile machinary sector and is now also making gears for windmills should post a net of more than 16 crs on an eqof 7.8
Ramesh S Damani : I will Thanks.

vikas1 : VSNL : Latest acquisition , how important ids that for co. . Is it a buy
Ramesh S Damani : It is a great accquisition. They also are i in Voip and broadband.this co has a good future suddenly.

subodh : Sudarshan Chemicals has entered into a pact with Dai Nippon, Japan. But they are in Z category, I am still bullish, what do you think ?
Ramesh S Damani : Was that announced in the press

vikas1 : TATA ELXSI : Just wondering why Elxsi has become your core holding . Is it because Animation is huge untapped story and Elxsi revenue from Animation will grow manifold from current 10%
Ramesh S Damani : Basically
good growth story.

simplify : Blue Dart - promoters sold out at 350.. That seems to indicate intrinsic value of business is around there or lower.. Based on that,one shd exist..But an open offer may come at a higher price? What r ur thoughts?
Ramesh S Damani : My sense is that this business is going to boom. i owuld be tempted to hold on. Also look at the otherlogistics co

Rajesh : Mr Damani,could I have your views on fertilizer industry.Deepak Fertilizers have come out with good half yr results. How is Deepak Fertilizer for long term view?
Ramesh S Damani : Sorry, don't follow it. But with emphasis on agriculture sector they should do well

sree : sir which stocks in textile do u find more value please answer sir alok or raymond or orient craft or arvind or if any
Ramesh S Damani : At this point maybe Raymond and Arvind prod. I own Arvind Pro.

BLAZING : Sir, finished reading "One Up .." Thankyou so much for suggesting for the book. But now i feelconfident and this is unnerving becoz little knowledge can be dangerous! :)
Ramesh S Damani : Yes it is. The more you read the better of you will be.

baracuda : what do yu plan to do with the smaller it stocks like four soft,kale, crest,logix,if the rupee is going to appreciate furhter are yu stll optimistic on nucleus
Ramesh S Damani : I plan to keep them all. Yes, I am optimistic on Nucleus.

vikas1 : UB Holding : Once agin thanks a lot Mr. Dammani for suggesting UBH . Hope we all made good money but still it is far away from its true value. Would u like to keep till it realize its value at around 120
Ramesh S Damani : Difficult to estimate when to this point I am holding on.

ahmedabadguy : Siryour view on Gati still remains hold???
Ramesh S Damani : Yes

subodh : Sudarshan's pact was announced in the press, I read it, its not an inside info ...
Ramesh S Damani : Thanks I will check it out.

BLAZING : Sir,According to Lynch then, Shudnt Dabur Pharma be a good bet? And now i am petrified of Tech Stocks !
Ramesh S Damani : Why Lynch in particular?

sajeesh : Rameshji, what is happening in UB ?Price is almost doubled .Any news ?
Ramesh S Damani : My friend look at the valuation when the price was 100.

baracuda : did yu book some profit in united it gone far beyond its fundas did yu apply for the rocpcs
Ramesh S Damani : Not my full allotment, but partially yes.

probal : sir any new picks or ideas now ? apart form VSNL Tata Tea, swaraj industries
Ramesh S Damani : That is a handul already and it is Swaraj Engines

subodh : I want to enetr Astra Zeneca, Novartis, Pfizer, Wyeht, Aventis ... Will it be ok ? I had good holding there earlier at rock bottom prices. Sadly, I exited at pathetic profits
Ramesh S Damani : I think as a group they will do well.

vikas1 : Sir, i am your die hard fan. I have come from SAUDI ARABIA for my vacation and will be in Mumbai from 20th to 24th Nov . I would be very greatful if you can spare sometime to see me. If this is possible you can mail me on,. Its my humble request and my desire rest upto you.
Ramesh S Damani : Thanks for your kind words. Anything particular you wish to discuss.

mansri : sir, SBI seems it is preparing for a major Bull run and may cross the earlier high. what is your current view on this? Pl advise.
Ramesh S Damani : I am crossing my fingers.

simplify : Have u read Jim Puplava's Storm Watch on He seems to echo Marc Faber's thoughts on 'real' assets being the future... Do you think all that applies to us in India as well ?
Ramesh S Damani : They could.

baracuda : if the rupee is going to rise then dont yu feel one should also be careful about textile stocks just like software
Ramesh S Damani : The logic is the same.

ahmedabadguy : Damaniji you must have gone thrrough sept. quater result for lot of companies..can you share few ones by which you were really impressed though you may really not track them routinely or out of your core areas....thanks.
Ramesh S Damani : I did, but if they really impressedme i would be buying them.

we : sir can we buy crisil at current level
Ramesh S Damani : Yes

shraddhatilloo : will Elxsi cross 200 in near future? I should hold this for some time more? your views pls.
Ramesh S Damani : I can't predict that.

vikas1 : FOURSOFT ; Looks very interesting business model with wonderful mamgement team. If works well , cpould be multibagger. can we buy at current price. heard its placing privately at 75.
Ramesh S Damani : I would keep an eye on it.

we : sir can we buy crisil at current level
Ramesh S Damani : I think so.

baracuda : is there any news on nelco we never read much about this tata co,have they published qrt results,have they wiped out losses
Ramesh S Damani : Not yet.

Ram : Sir, Any idea about the comapany called Kolar Biotech.BSE has suspended trading on it. Did they (management) really sell out the company
Ramesh S Damani : No news.

vikas1 : SAUDI ARABIA :Just to you say thanks personally as i made some good money on your advise plus future plan on investment
Ramesh S Damani : I will try and email to you.

subodh : Last time you had siad tht you are not sure of Sai Service promoters ... But I had to hold on to it as I had a big position. Now it is giving 40% return on current prices. Any suggestions ?
Ramesh S Damani : Congratulations

BLAZING : Sir, Peter Lynchs theory that spin offs will do good and be very rewarding since they start debt free and promoters have high stake!Hence Dabur Pharma mite be a good bet.
Ramesh S Damani : Thanks for the logic.

probal : Why are u soo bulish on swaraj engines? do u have a position in Tata Tea, Vsnl. Thanks
Ramesh S Damani : Not so bullish but bullish

vikas1 : IMP: sir, one diwali pick is definitely due from oyur side. jUST ON LIGHTER SIDE AS ALL YOUR SUGGESTIONS ARE NOT LESS THAN ANY GIFTS
Ramesh S Damani : Thanks, I keep mentioning ideas as I get them.

Ram : Sir, Balaji Tele open offer for (block deal) Asian boradcasting is over or not
Ramesh S Damani : Not over.

baracuda : have yu had the oppurtunity to meet priya sara mathur of calpers it is very rare to find beauty and brains packed together in one nice bombshell unfortunately i heard she is married with a fly
Ramesh S Damani : I agree beauty and brains. Not met her yet.

ushti : sir,am grateful to u for yr opinions on investmentsas i have immensly benefitted due to the same; may GOD bless u & ur family; am sending diwali greetings; request yr opinion on i flex as u have been silent from giving any opinion on this stock; should i hold it as a long term bet; sir;pl reply thks
Ramesh S Damani : Thanks for your kind words. I would hold i-flex.

mansri : sir, Godrej Ind. suddenly so much of news on its investments in BPO, Bio-tech etc. Looks like good future ahead. can be bought at this price? Pl advise.
Ramesh S Damani : I think so.

snehal : i just made it here..... and going by the todays conversations, looks like VSNL is your new call... please confirm... these reddff guys put transcrips very late... so please confirm here ... thanks in advance :-)
Ramesh S Damani : Yes I like VSNL. It is not a steal but it has a good future. Thanks for joining.see you nextweek. bye

sidhartha : what is your opinion on Indian rayon - BPO [Transworks], IT [PSI], Insurance {Birla sun life] and obviously the main business.
Ramesh S Damani : It is a good conglomerate and I would look at it seriously.

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