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This article was first published 9 years ago

9 places in college you probably never knew existed!

Last updated on: July 02, 2014 16:49 IST

As many of you get set to start your year at colleges around the country, here are places that you probably don't know existed. Go through this list carefully, for your own good.

Let's start with the library, shall we?

Library n. (lie.bruh.rie)

That dark musty place with more books than you can count in your entire life, let alone read

Almost always managed by a grumpy old person who will take a lot of joy in turning down your request for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix 'because that's not the book you should be reading'.

Also not a bad place at all for your... ahem... amorous activities.

Note to self: Must visit with that special someone!

(Disclaimer: This is a satire feature. Viewers are advised to take the content with sufficient quantities of salt. Pictures are used here for representational purposes only.)

Got a funny bone?

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The gymkhana

Gymkhana n. (gym.khaana)

The most under-equipped room in the college.

Almost always in such a sorry state you feel guilty of stepping into it.

Also the place you're most likely to spot that jock you've been drooling over as he practises his boxing skills.

Definitely not worth avoiding.

The placement cell

Don't worry. You'll land up there sooner or later.

Because everyone needs a job -- from the brightest to the dumbest.

Start grovelling.

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The career counsellor's office

This one's yet another corner of the college you never visit.

After all, why should you? You've picked a stream ALL your friends have picked! ALL your friends cannot be wrong, right?

Career counselling is for sissies!

The Students' Council

Unless you are one of those who is bothered about her/his CV before their first job or are a leader in the making, we are guessing you didn't even know where the Students' Council office really is.

Chances are you probably don't know what a Students' Council is in the first place.

But you SHOULD know about the Students' Council (and its members)!

Because the next time you are going to need those extra passes for the college festival and concerts, who you gonna call? Eh?

The debating club

What on earth is that, you ask?

Isn't that something that exists only in American colleges in the movies?

Permit us to break this to you... it doesn't.

And the president of the club is possibly the nerd on the first bench.

Teachers' common room

Where else can you find so many teachers to butter at the same time?

And you still want to know why it matters where the teachers congregate?

The college bookstore

Usually right outside the college but almost always never visited.

Why would you need books when you have photocopied notes borrowed from your seniors, right?

The classroom

What classroom do the psychology lectures take place in? And the history classes? And oh! do you know the way to the physics lab?

Let's give you a hint: it's not the lab that smells of chemicals or the one from where frogs leap out!

You get the drift, right?

Now unless you're Hermione Granger, there is a good possibility you don't know where on earth your classes are.

It might hold you in good stead to attend some of the said classes (about 75 per cent to be precise) if you want your college to grant you permission to appear for your examinations.

Now, do would you like directions to your classroom?


We thought so too! :-P

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