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This article was first published 9 years ago

16 signs you're an Indian travelling abroad

Last updated on: June 19, 2014 13:10 IST

Sanaya Dalal

We're Indian and proud of it.

But let's face it, when we're travelling abroad, our desi ways can, well, come across as a bit -- er -- unusual.

Before you get all defensive about the issue, though and start blustering about how 'whities' don't bathe every day in the winter, take a look at what we're talking about.

(Disclaimer: This is a satire feature. Viewers are advised to take the content with sufficient quantities of salt. Pictures are used here for representational purposes only.)

So let's see then:

You know you're an Indian travelling abroad when...

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1. The first time you enter an aircraft, you're wearing a flower garland

Photographs: Rediff Archives

And your ENTIRE extended family has come to see you off at the airport!


2. You wonder what's annoying your co-passenger despite you chanting your prayers 101 times...

Every two hours of course to overcome your fear of air travel!

Who else will protect you in this godforsaken cabin of death?

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3. You carry your own chai and khakras

Even though said journey is by airplane halfway across the world and you'll be served food onboard.

Then again, there's nothing quite like ghar ka khaana (or peena) is there?

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4. And your own pressure cooker

You will most likely be the only one who leans down to pick up a non-stick kadai or pressure cooker off the conveyor belt at baggage claim.

Because how else do you expect to cook while travelling?

Also... jo biwi se kare pyaar... you get the drift, right?

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5. Your luggage includes (many) boxes of mangoes

Photographs: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Because duh! What better (and cheaper) gift for your firang relatives in whose homes you will be piling on, right?

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6. You collect as many complimentary airline travel kits as you can

Because... well... free gifts for your relatives back home!


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7. You WILL miss your connecting flight

Because you travelled Air India that was six hours behind scheduled time... predictably. 

8. You will be forced to explain your homeopathic pills are medication and not narcotics

At e.v.e.r.y single airport.

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9. You have probably annoyed your cabbie already...

For trying to bargain down the standard fare, standing on his shoulder so you can look through the sunroof -- and then fail to tip him.

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10. You pack a mug into your luggage

Because er... how else do you wash up after doing your thing?

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11. You get arrested for jaywalking

You don't know what jaywalking is, do you?

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12. You walk into a steakhouse and expect to be served a vegetarian sizzler

You also carry green chillies in your purse because, well, Western food is just so bland.

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13. You keep converting bills into rupees

Because you can't fathom paying Rs 2,000 for a sandwich or Rs 5,000 for parking... or... ahem... any other services for that matter!

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14. You'd rather die thirsty than drink from the faucet in the kitchen sink

Haven't they heard of Aquaguard?!?

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15. You go click happy!

You laugh at Japanese tourists for their snap-happy ways, clicking every conceivable photograph.

Then they laugh at you when you take out your camera.

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16. But upon your return...

Despite all the smells and grime, you realise there is nothing quite like home!

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