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Earth Day 2013: Google doodles for the planet

Last updated on: April 22, 2013 09:45 IST

Earth Day 2013: Google doodles for the planet


The search engine giant celebrates Earth Day 2013 with a doodle.

April 22 is Earth Day 2013.

It has been designated as International Mother Earth Day by a resolution adopted by the United Nations in 2009.

Celebrated in over 192 countries in the world, the concept of Earth Day is credited to John McConnell who at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco in 1969 proposed March 21, 1970 as a day to celebrate Mother Earth and work towards its preservation.

March 21 is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere.

However in less than a month, United States Senator Gaylord Nelson founded a separate Earth Day on April 22 with a focus on the United States.

Denis Hayes, the prominent environmental activist expanded its reach and took the message to over 141 countries where it was celebrated with various events.

The very first Earth Day of April 22 brought together participants in across 10,000 schools and universities, over 2,000 colleges and numerous communities demonstrating in favour of environmental reform.

Today the non-profit organisation Earth Day Network chaired by Hayes co-ordinates the Earth Day celebrations across 192 countries across the world.

Hayes has (quite correctly) pointed out that the Earth Day is 'the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year'.

Google celebrates Earth Day with an animated doodle, which at the click of a button sets into motion the cycle of night and day and the various seasons in a continuous loop.

This is the 13th doodle created by Google to celebrate Earth Day.

Image: Earth Day 2013