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Easter Bunny or sexy bombshell? Fashion news!

Last updated on: April 8, 2011 18:07 IST

Easter Bunny or sexy bombshell? Fashion news!



Welcome to the weekly fashion round-up, where we bring you the latest on supermodels, style, designers and everything in-between!

Which model suffered a wardrobe malfunction this week? Which yummy mummy is struggling to stay in shape?

Here's the lowdown on the latest fashion news!

Natalia Vodianova is a sexy Easter Bunny!

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova has posed for the May issue of magazine Tatler in a cute yet saucy Easter spread.

The Daily Mail reports that the 29-year-old mother of three looks stunning in lingerie she has designed in collaboration with French innerwear giant Etam and a set of giant bunny ears.

Natalia, nicknamed 'Super Nova', has a career spanning over a decade, but she still looks as wholesome and fresh as a teenager. In fact, she was quoted as saying in her Tatler interview, "'I look so sweet, it's almost impossible to make me look vampy."

And judging from the cover we see here, she's right!

Image: Natalia Vodianova
Photographs: Cover of Tatler Magazine, May 2011

Jennifer Lopez 'struggling to stay in shape post pregnancy'

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Not all yummy mummies have it as easy as Natalia, though. Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she is working harder than ever to maintain her trademark figure post pregnancy.

The singer and actress, 41, who has twins Max and Emme, 3, with husband Marc Anthony, has long earned plaudits for her curvaceous look and in particular her famous derriere.

"I've always been athletic and really enjoyed that and I've never been a big eater," the Daily Express quoted Lopez as saying.

"But since I had the babies it has been harder. Your body changes -- not too drastically, but I definitely have to work harder and watch what I eat more."

"I never had to work on my stomach before -- it was concave, I was a lucky person -- but since the babies, I do," she added.

Image: Jennifer Lopez
Photographs: 'Jenny from the Block' music video still
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Pregnant Mariah Carey felt 'vulnerable' during topless shoot

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Mariah Carey, who's due to give birth any day now, is also weighing in on how motherhood is changing her body. The Hero hitmaker has revealed that she felt vulnerable posing for a belly-baring photoshoot for a US magazine.

She is seen here on the cover of the new edition of Life&Style showing off her baby bump, in a pose reminiscent of Demi Moore's infamous 1991 shoot with Vanity Fair.

Carey, who is expecting twins within weeks, admits she was reluctant to face the camera at such a late stage in her pregnancy, but wanted a visual record of her "once-in-a-lifetime" experience.

"I was feeling very vulnerable about taking pictures at all right now, but then I didn't want to miss this opportunity to document this once-in-a-lifetime experience. My ultimate goal was to share this incredibly personal moment with my true fans," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

Image: Mariah Carey
Photographs: Cover of Life&Style Magazine, April 2011
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Irina Shayk wears just a pair of tiny denim shorts for sexy ad campaign...

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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk has posed wearing just a pair of tiny denim shorts and a handbag covering her chest to promote Spanish brand Xti.

Showing off her lithe figure and with her lips pursed into a sultry pose, Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend simmers in the shoot as the new face of the clothing company's latest campaign, reports the Daily Mail.

And as the face of the brand, her face and body have been emblazoned on billboards across Europe.

The 25-year-old has certainly been working hard in recent months, promoting her new issue of Sports Illustrated magazine and modelling for clients including Victoria's Secret and Ory swimwear.

Move on to the next page, though, to see her in another brand new avatar!

Image: Irina Shayk
Photographs: Xti ad campaign
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...And also blows us away with a beautiful bridal shoot!

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Another of Irina's recent photoshoots proves that she can look absolutely gorgeous in a wedding dress too.

The model showed off her enviable curves in a range of different wedding dresses, which are part of Israeli designer Dany Mizrachi's Haute Couture 2011 collection, reports the Daily Mail.

He describes his dresses as "three dimensional creations" and rebuilt his fashion empire after an altercation with his brother drove him to the brink of bankruptcy.

All designs are suited to the bride who wants to make a big statement with her dress. Features include nipped in waists, detailed corsets, big corsages and even bigger.

Some of the lacy designs have slightly transparent skirts that show off Shayk's enviable legs.

Others are inspired by the '80s, or even ancient Greece.

Dany Mizrachi's shoot look place in a desert where white of the dresses contrasting beautifully with the red of the rocks and stones forming the backdrop.

The Haute Couture collection also includes a couple of coloured dresses.

Image: Irina Shayk for Dany Mizrachi
Photographs: Dany Mizrachi Haute Couture 2011 ad campaign
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Kim Kardashian says she loves her bumpy bits!

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Looks like Kim Kardashian can't stop talking about her body! This week, she reveals that she has always loved her curvy look.

"Personally, I've always loved the curvy look. Even when I was a little girl and all my friends would be like, 'Oh, my God, your butt's so big,' I'd say, 'I love it,'" the New York Daily News quoted the voluptuous brunette as telling Cosmopolitan UK's May issue.

There have, however, been times of insecurity and competition among her sisters.

"Kourtney would always make fun of me for having bigger boobs than she did. When you're young, it's embarrassing. Your body is changing and it's scary," Kardashian recalled.

"Then when I was 15, I realised it was great. I've never wished for smaller boobs since," she said.

"I never aspired to be a size zero. Although one time I tried on a dress with a size-8 label when I thought I was a size 4. It turned out it was a UK size 8, so actually it was my normal size. But it made me think, "Why do I even care? I couldn't care less if it said 14. It's just a number."

Image: Kim Kardashian
Photographs: Cover of Cosmopolitan UK, May 2011
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Lady Gaga thrilled to perform with Judy Garland's 'Wizard of Oz' slippers

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Birthday girl Lady Gaga was over the moon after getting the 25,000 pounds ruby slippers made for Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz.

The zany singer reportedly performed in the iconic shoes at a gig in LA on her 25th birthday this week.

Her management gave her the slippers, believed to have been made at the time of the 1939 movie, before she went on stage at the Staples Center.

Gaga told fans how she once lost out on the role of Dorothy to the school bully.

"I wanted to be Dorothy so bad. I was in 8th grade and she was a senior. I definitely deserved to get it, but I didn't get it. I was one of the people in the chorus, the worst role," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"On behalf of myself and all of those bullied around the world, now these ruby slippers are mine," she said.

"When you don't feel like Dorothy today, maybe you feel like someone on the chorus or the Scarecrow -- just know you will have opportunities in your real life to change things and maybe someone will hand you a pair of ruby slippers," she added.

Image: Lady Gaga and (inset) Judy Garland's ruby slippers
Photographs: Kevin Winter/Getty Images and (inset) dbking/Flickr for Wikimedia Commons
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Perfect for Lady Gaga: 'A 10,000 pound dress made from 1,200 biro pens'!

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Maybe Gaga's management should look into presenting her with this too!

A UK designer, who has created an incredible dress from a staggering 1,200 biro pens has said that the garment would be perfect for the eccentric popstar.

It took 640 hours to sew all the Bic pens onto the extraordinary garment, which is also covered in 2,000 crystals and is worth around 10,000 pounds. The main body of the dress is made of 100 per cent silk and tulle netting.

The dress weighs 8 lbs -- just over half a stone -- but according to designer Annette Carey, it's completely wearable.

"I wanted to create something incredible from the pens," the Daily Mail quoted Carey, as saying.

"I took an everyday iconic object that everyone has probably used at least once and turned it in to something extremely beautiful."

"It is designed to be worn and it would be perfect for someone who has a bit of a wild, edgier side."

"I was thrilled to work with BIC in creating this anniversary dress," she added.

The fiddly dressmaking process took up to 13 hours a day.

The dress went on display at the Inkspiration: Story of BIC Cristal exhibition at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, West London.

Image: Annette Carey's biro pen dress

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Milla Jovovich suffers red carpet wardrobe malfunction!

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Model-actress Milla Jovovich accidentally flashed her right nipple while hitting the red carpet at Mikhail Gorbachev's 80th Birthday Gala Concert in London.

The actress' dress barely kept her breasts hidden, leading the 35-year-old to pose for dozens of photos seemingly unaware that her right nipple was visible, reports the New York Daily News.

And despite the wardrobe malfunction, the Resident Evil star still thought it was "a beautiful night."

"It really turned into a monumental evening," she tweeted.

Image: Oops! Milla Jovovich
Photographs: Ian Gavan/Getty Images
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Hendricks almost spills out of corset at Vivienne Westwood launch!

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Christina Hendricks also came close to having an 'oops' moment like Jovovich this week.

The Mad Men star was pictured almost popping out of her corset as she helped Dame Vivienne Westwood launch her new flagship store and Palladium Jewellery Collection.

Hendricks, 35, wore one of the designer's iconic corset tops to the launch in Los Angeles, and topped it up with cigarette pants, black peep toes and a gold sparkly oak leaf brooch from the range, the Daily Mail reported.

The actress had been unveiled as the face of Dame Vivienne's Palladium collection at the start of this month.

Meanwhile, Hendricks has also been busy over the last few weeks filming I Don't Know How She Does It with Sarah Jessica Parker in New York.

Image: Christina Hendricks at the Westwood launch
Photographs: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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Eva Longoria's beauty secret -- coffee grinds!

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The secret behind Eva Longoria's glowing skin is out.

The Desperate Housewives actress is reportedly a fan of making her own face-mask and thinks the caffeinated remains from her morning drink are perfect to give her a healthy glow.

"At least once a week, Eva mixes used coffee grinds with olive oil and lemon juice to make a facial mask," the Daily Telegraph quoted a source as telling National Enquirer magazine.

"After she has friends over for coffee, she's ready for her facial," the source added.

Image: Eva Longoria
Photographs: Cover of Max Germany, May 2007
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Brit fashion brand falls foul of advertising rules with naked models

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The latest marketing campaign by a British fashion brand has fallen foul of advertising rules after it featured naked models in its clothing catalogue.

Jack Wills, which specialises in expensive casual fashion and whose slogan is "Fabulously British", had sent the catalogue to thousands of customers, sparking complaints, the Daily Mail reported.

The Advertising Standards Authority said an image of a young woman wearing only a pair of knickers and with her leg draped around a near-naked man was likely to cause harm to teenagers.

It was one of four advertisements inside the brand's 2011 Spring Term Handbook.

The first showed a young woman wearing a short skirt lifted to show her buttocks and the lower section of her knickers.

The second showed a group beginning to undress on a beach. One of the men is removing one of the women's tops. The third showed the group wearing only their underwear.

The fourth advert showed a young man and a young woman embracing and kissing. The man is shirtless and the woman wearing only knickers, with the side of her breast clearly visible.

The watchdog received 19 complaints about the latest catalogue, mainly from parents concerned its images and lifestyle were likely to be seen and copied by young teens.

Jack Wills said the brand drew inspiration from the "hedonistic university lifestyle".

It said the marketing is intended "to project a positive, fun and sometimes flirtatious" image it believes was an accurate reflection of student life. It insisted the catalogue was only sent to over-18s.

However, the ASA said the images were likely to be seen by younger teenagers and may well appeal to them, "because they portrayed a lifestyle to which they might aspire".

It said the partial nudity "went beyond what could be described as fun or flirtatious", and "was sufficiently provocative as to present a risk to younger teenagers".

The catalogue was found to breach advertising rules governing harm and offence to children and is banned from being distributed again in its current form.

Image: Jack Wills University Outfitters brochure

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I'm very vain, admits Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani has admitted that she's proud of the way she looks.

"I mean, I'm very vain," the Daily Mail quoted Stefani as saying.

"That would be my middle name. Of course I am, you know what I mean? I love the visual."

The singer's vanity seems justified -- she shows off her toned figure in a stretch wool dress with leather trim from Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci on the cover of May's issue of the US edition of Elle magazine.

But Gwen, 41, admits there was one time she didn't like her figure -- pregnancy.

Image: Gwen Stefani
Photographs: Cover of Elle US, May 2011
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Backward bra promises to keep cleavage looking wrinkle-free

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A new, backward-looking bra by La Decollette promises to keep your cleavage in tiptop shape.

According to the company, the contraption, which is to be worn at night, clasps in the back like a normal bra and covers cleavage with a pad of fabric, keeping breasts from squeezing together as you sleep, which can cause wrinkles, reports the New York Daily News.

The Netherlands-based company promises customers they'll see results after one night of wearing the bonkers brassiere, and can flaunt a noticeably smoother neckline in seven days.

Available in white and black with adjustable straps, the contraption is available for 70 dollars on La Decollette's website.

Image: La Decollette's backward bra
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Emma Watson's 'pristine complexion ruined by outbreak of blemishes'

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Emma Watson has been spotted suffering from an untimely outbreak of blemishes, just as she takes over from Julia Roberts as the face of beauty company Lancome.

She admitted that she struggled with bad skin during her early years working on the Harry Potter films, in which she plays Hermione Granger.

She said that she developed spots but was left in agony by the treatment a dermatologist recommended.

"The dermatologist gave me something that burnt the skin off my face. It was terrible. They couldn't hold filming; we just had to put more makeup on, which made it really sore, " the Daily Mail quoted her as saying in a recent interview.

Image: Emma Watson
Photographs: Cover of Marie Claire Magazine, December 2010
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Designer clothes can help you grab better jobs!

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A study has suggested that although designer clothes may leave your wallet empty, they are a sound investment.

It found that wearing well-known brand labels makes you appear wealthier, more worthy of respect and can even help you bag a better job, reports the Daily Mail.

The study, at Tilburg University, in the Netherlands, involved four experiments.

The researchers tested reactions to well-known brands when judging status and wealth, responding to an invitation to take part in a survey, assessing a potential employee and being asked to give to charity.

In one test, women who wore a well-known brand on their polo shirt were given almost twice as much money when they solicited for charity than when they wore non-designer outfits.

In another, wearing branded clothes not only increased a man's chances of being judged suitable for a job, but even increased the salary those surveyed would offer him by 9 per cent.

Researchers Rob Nelissen and Marijn Meijers said humans are failing to see beyond the surface and that we are being sucked in by advertising for designer brands.

Image: Corporate fashion by Chanel may set you back a pretty penny, but it ensures a better job!
Photographs: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
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Source: ANI