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Thirsty for success? Follow these 5 lessons

Last updated on: May 12, 2013 11:58 IST

Image: The borewell teaches you that success comes to those who are determined to dig deeper
Photographs: Fayaz Aziz/Reuters Courtesy Careers360

Do you feel like giving up when your efforts don't yield results? Remember, success may be just one foot away. Find talent that lies buried inside each of us, writes Prakash Iyer

The heat is on! Summer is here.

Temperatures are soaring across the country and water levels seem to be dropping, leading to water shortages in many places. That's been true for where I live too.

And given the alarming situation on water, the folks in our apartment complex decided to dig a new bore well.

And as I saw all the frenetic activity that digging a bore well entailed, it struck me there were several life lessons we could all take away.

Thirsty for success? Here then are five lessons:

Lesson 1

What you are looking for lies within you -- you just need to dig deep!

It is probably significant that for a long while, we were buying water in tankers, getting it from faraway places, when all along the water was right inside our premises.

To find the water, we didn't have to go miles and dig, it was right inside where we live. All it took was for us to dig deeper. That's true for all of us too.

Whatever it is you are looking for in life, it's probably available to you right where you are, right now.

Problem is, it's hidden, and it takes a lot of hard work to discover the prize. Slog. Dig deep. And you will reap the rewards.

Lesson 2

Knowing where exactly to dig is as important as knowing how to dig.

There are really two parts to digging a bore well.  One is to get the heavy machinery that actually drills deep into the ground. And the other -- and the more important one -- is knowing where to dig.

People use geologists and traditional experts to help determine the best spot for finding water. That's a good lesson for all of us.

It's true for the course you choose to study, or the career you decide to pursue. Before you get busy with the digging, make sure you've chosen the right place to dig.

The author is MD-Kimberly Clark Lever and author of the book Habit of Winning.

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Thirsty for success? Follow these 5 lessons

Image: Discover the talent in you

Lesson Three

There's no guarantee you'll find water -- but you go ahead and dig nevertheless.

Even after you consult the most experienced geologist and the famous local water diviner, you still only have a 70 per cent probability of finding water. And yet you go ahead and dig -- because if you don't, you'll never find water anyway.

In life, many of us are guilty of not trying -- because we feel success is not assured.

Good lesson to remember: Trying may not guarantee success. But not trying, almost certainly ensures failure.

Lesson Four

Once you start digging, keep going! As you drill into the ground, and go deeper and deeper, there are two ways of looking at how you are doing.

With every foot you dig, you could either be saying ''Oh no, we haven't found water yet!" Or "Wow! We are now even closer to finding water!"

How do you see your life? As a series of failures -- or as a journey towards ultimate success?

Keep the faith. If the well diggers gave up because they hadn't found water even after digging for a long time, they never would find it.

Lesson Five

We all try different things in our quest for success -- usually a bit of this and a bit of that. But we don't stay focused on one thing long enough for it to yield results.

We do multiple courses -- which makes us a Jack of all trades and master of none.

We change jobs, switch careers, hedge our bets – and then wonder why despite our hard work, success remains elusive.

Good idea to focus on one thing, do it well, and do it for long! So, the next time you thirst for success, remember the bore well lessons!

Dig deep -- and discover the reservoir of talent that lies buried inside each of us!

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

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