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This article was first published 13 years ago

CAT toppers: 100 or 99 %tile makes no difference

Last updated on: January 13, 2011 12:47 IST

Photographs: Pagalguy Lajwanti Dsouza,

And there were those who almost topped -- who missed the 100 percentile score by a whisker, yet none of these regret not being one of the top of the rung toppers.

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CAT toppers: 100 or 99 %tile makes no difference

Image: Shraddha Mehta
Photographs: Pagalguy

Like the total toppers, Shraddha also did not expect to get such a rocking score. "I knew I would do well but a 99.99 was unexpected," she said. Shraddha saw her marks this morning at 7 am to confirm whether it was indeed 99.99 and immediately called up her mother and family -- all based in Hyderabad.

Shraddha worked hard on prep work for a month before the exam. She gave a mock every day and changed her strategy everyday to suit new problems. "That gave me the confidence to do well finally," she said.

As of now, Shraddha definitely wants to do her MBA and get into investment banking after that but as and when her 'Gujarati' genes get the better of her, she will definitely venture out into her own business.

CAT toppers: 100 or 99 %tile makes no difference

Image: IIM Rohtak
Photographs: Rediff Archives

For Abhishek Bhatia, the score of 99.98 per centile was really something since he was expecting in the region of 99.95. Abhishek, for whom this was the fifth CAT attempt, checked his result at 1 am and was overjoyed.

"Having seen so many CAT exams, this was truly the best of them all," he said.

Unlike other years when he prepared for CAT, this year Abhishek focussed on accuracy and that, he says, made a difference to his score. He also gave more time to VA during the exam since Quant was anyway easy for him and that also worked in his favour.

Like Shraddha, even Abhishek is not unhappy that he did not score a 100 percentile as he has already got calls from Ahmedabad and Calcutta. In the long run, the 99.98 percentiler wants to work in a consulting firm and in the 'analysing' department and later work as a consultant.

CAT toppers: 100 or 99 %tile makes no difference

Image: IIM Ahmedabad

Arshdeep Kaur, who also got a 99.98 per centile knew she had done very well but having heard of how things have been happening in the computerised version of the exam was not sure of her results. So, when she checked her results at 12.30 am this morning,  she was relieved.

"It was a good feeling that it was to my expectations. The first person I told was my mother and she was very proud," said Arshdeep.

When asked what she would do if she had not scored well in CAT and not got calls, she simply said she would sit for the other exams and hope to do well in them.

The young girl already has calls from IIM-A, IIM-C, IIM-L, IIM-S and IIM-R and that has given her confidence a tremendous boost... When asked what she wants to do eventually in life, Arshdeep said it is better to take things one at a time.

"I am, more than anything is excited to go to a B-School. I don't know what to expect from a B-School so would first like to experience B-School life and then think ahead."

CAT toppers: 100 or 99 %tile makes no difference

Image: IIM Bangalore

Saranyan Sukumar netted a cool 99.92 percentile today and was happy since his CAT score last year was 99.22. "I had no expectations. I did not take the pressure while studying either. In fact, I did not prepare much so the result really made me happy."

Saranyan is not one bit perturbed that he could have made it to the 100 percentile bracket. "It is absolutely not  a problem. I am happy with what I have," he said.

When asked what he wanted to do further in life, post MBA that is, Saranyan had a unique answer.

"I love to be with books. May be in the publishing line but definitely with books. I think there is far more talent in India than Chetan Bhagat and that is what I will explore," Saranyan concluded.

Rinkesh Yadav who took the CAT exam the first day, first slot is thorougly a relieved person. After having sat for the exam the very first day and taking a lot of flak from those who told him it was a wrong decision since he would not get the benefit of knowing how other fared and prepare himself, he has proved all wrong.

He has been celebrating since morning and after making time for calls and e-mail from relatives and friends, he has decided to go for a movie later in the day. "I can't tell you how happy I am. I have already got calls from IIM-C and IIM-L and have decided to make the most of every moment henceforth," he told Pagalguy.