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Why The Internet Is In Love With This Beauty Queen

By Rediff Get Ahead
July 08, 2022 15:19 IST
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She didn't lift the Miss India crown, but Arunachal Pradesh's Tengam Celine Koyu won hearts at the beauty pageant. 

She was named Miss Radiant Smile and shared the Miss Talented title with the newly-crowned Miss India 2022 Sini Shetty.  

A desi girl at heart, Tengam represented both her state and the whole of north east India at the contest. 

'In my own country, I'm asked about my nationality every single day,' she says, underlining a problem that has plagued the north east for decades.

'I thought I can bring a change because it is only acceptance that we seek -- representation of people who look like and feel like me.' 

She's been receiving a lot of love on Instagram, with people congratulating her for coming this far. 

IMAGE: Tengam has been christened Queen Of Hearts on the gram. 
Known for her kind words and gentle nature, she floored everyone with that smile. 
'The love for my state and my people is impeccable. I'm privileged to have served you,' she posted alongside this pic.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Tengam Celine Koyu/Instagram


IMAGE: For her, 'One is never fully dressed without a smile'.


IMAGE: Wherever she goes, Tengam would like to carry her Arunachali identity with her.
'I hold pride in who I am and my roots,' she said. 'And to represent my state in the best way possible is my motive.' 


IMAGE: She bid goodbye to Mumbai with this picture from the Gateway Of India. 


IMAGE: When asked what a beauty queen's most important asset is, Tengam replied: 'She should have an impactful personality.'   


IMAGE: A little before the pageant, Tengam got herself a new guitar with a rainbow coloured strap to honour Pride Month. 
She wowed the judges by playing the musical instrument during the talent round at the beauty pageant.


IMAGE: Her outfits at Miss India 2022 -- like this embroidered bodycon dress that featured traditional textiles from her home state -- reflected her love for Arunachal Pradesh. 

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