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This article was first published 3 years ago  » Getahead » What I learnt after resuming work

What I learnt after resuming work

June 17, 2020 11:51 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers, to tell us how you've been coping with work after the lockdown.
Nandini Anandkumar, who works as a teacher at the ONGC Public School in Neravy, Karaikal, shares her story:

Why Nandini Anandkumar respects frontline workers

Generally, Monday morning blues are common when you resume work after the weekend.

But when you get to work after spending 60 days in the lockdown, things are different.

I work as a teacher at a school in Karaikal, Puducherry.

Even during the lockdown, we had online classes. But it wasn't an issue to work from the cozy confines of our homes.

But one morning, we received a message from the school that teachers have to report to school the following day to undergo a demonstration on using certain online apps.

So off I geared to school with new zeal.

Having been totally confined at home, there was no need to use a mask all these days.

But now this extra accessory was essential.

I put on my mask and drove my two wheeler. I noticed that the road did not have the usual traffic. But there were workers working on the sides of the road clearing the prosopis juliflora plants which had grown into a forest.

They were probably working under the state government's 100 day employment initiative.

At school, it felt good to meet my colleagues after a long hiatus.

Everyone greeted each other with a namaste; you could sense the smiles through the spark in their eyes.

The reunion happened with adequate social distancing.

There were hand sanitiser bottles kept near the biometric attendance spot.

The school had made adequate arrangement to maintain social distancing by dividing the teachers into separate groups. The meeting and discussions took place in separate rooms.

I had carried tissue papers and gloves as we had to use/share computers for the session.

Since it's still summer, wearing a mask for the session was really inconvenient.

I empathised with the condition of the frontline workers, the doctors, nurses, policemen, sanitary workers, people involved in supply of essential items and all those who were working with the masks on, away from their safe and comfort zones.

Since I had to interact over the microphone using the mask on, when I reached home after work I could feel my head ache.

The routine continued for about three days and so did the headaches.

I am glad we have been asked to continue taking online classes from our homes now.

The three days I travelled to work with the mask on has increased my respect for the frontline workers.

I have gratitude for doctors and the medical fraternity who work with PPE. They have put their discomfort behind to save lives. That's commendable!

As I return to work, I submit my humble salutations to these frontline workers who are keeping us safe.

Let us respect and support them.

Dear Readers, have you resumed work after the lockdown?

How would you describe the experience of going back to work after spending more than two months at home?

Did you face difficulties travelling? Or was it a smooth run for you?

What precautions did you take to ensure safety at work or while travelling?

How is your office dealing with the situation? What are the new rules and guidelines at work?

Tell us how you got to work after the lockdown and how you are coping with it. Send us your pictures and videos to (subject: Resuming work after lockdown) along with your NAME, AGE, LOCATION and a photograph of you. We'll feature the best responses on

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