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V-Day: Share your parents' love story!

January 31, 2012 13:13 IST
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It's a tale of romance all children want to hear -- how their parents met and fell in love!

Let's forget about your own chaotic love life for a minute.

Do you look at your parents and think, 'I want my relationship to be like theirs'?

You probably know all about their long history as a couple -- how they met ('Your mother was so shy then, now she bullies me!'), how they fell in love ('Your nana threatened Daddy with a walking stick!') and how they faced the ups and downs of life together.

This Valentine's Day, we want to hear your parents' love stories -- in your own words. Share their memories and their tales as a couple with us and other readers.

Write in to (subject line: 'My parents' love story') along with a photograph of them, if possible and we'll publish the best entries right here.

Photograph: Rediff Archives


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