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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » V-Day Quiz: What is 'Netflix and chill?'

V-Day Quiz: What is 'Netflix and chill?'

By Rediff Get Ahead
Last updated on: February 08, 2022 15:19 IST
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Valentine's Day dating quiz

Kindly note the image has been posted only for representational purposes. Photograph: Kind courtesy Helena Lopes/

How well-versed are you with the dating world?

Are you a novice who has just gotten on a dating app or do you already have multiple profiles?

When it comes to online dating, texting or calling, it’s imperative to keep up with the trending slang in order to put yourself out there, else you might pick up on the wrong signals or lose out on a prospective date.

Ahead of Valentine's Day, here's a fun quiz to find out how well you know your dating terms!

1. You match with someone on a dating app. They invite you over for 'Netflix and chill'. What will you two be doing?
1. Watching Netflix
2. Engage in casual hooking up with Netflix on or off in the background
3. Smoking prior to watching a movie
'Netflix and chill' has become a popular euphemism to casually suggest getting physical with someone. Under the harmless guise of watching Netflix, you two may or may not move onto more romantic things without the awkwardness of any expectation.
2. You and your partner are getting busy. Suddenly, they get a text and, after reading it, they say they don't want to carry on because they've been 'text blocked'. What is the problem?
1. Someone has blocked their number and they're upset about this
2. A friend messaged them, telling them not to hook up with you
3. They received an off-putting text which has killed the mood for them
Text blocking often happens when one receives a text at the wrong moment which puts a damper on things. A message from your family or your boss would be a prime example!
3. Someone you've been chatting with on a dating app has their gender listed as 'non-binary'. What is their gender?
1. Neither male nor female
2. Transgender
3. They believe gender is a tool of governments to control people
Non-binary folks are those who are outside the mainstream gender binary. They do not exclusively identify as male or female. They may have physical attributes or follow socially constructed behaviour typical to both binary genders.
4. Your partner calls you 'bae'. Do you know what this means?
1. It's short for babe
2. Before anyone else
3. It's a typo
BAE or bae is short for 'before anyone else'. It's a cute way of referring to your partner. You can absolutely use it for the person you love and make them blush.
5. After a long online chat, your partner ends the conversation with IRL. What do they want?
1. In real life
2. It's real love
3. Invisible Reality Language
IRL is the short form for 'in real life' and is widely used by young adults on social media. It means you want to meet someone face to face.
6. You've been chatting with someone and you stop responding for a few days. You receive a text from them; 'Are you ghosting me?' What are they asking you?
1. Are you scared of me?
2. Are you avoiding me?
3. Are you a fake person?
Taking it very literally, ghosting is the term used when you disappear on someone without any explanation. This is a cowardly way of saying 'I'm not interested in you anymore.'
7. You've been talking to a person for a long time. One day, they ask you to DTR. What do they expect from you?
1. Date, time, real name
2. Define the relationship
3. Let's deal with the reality
Basically, they want to know if the two of you are keeping things casual or giving the relationship an official label and 100 per cent commitment.
8. When someone says 'S/he is so extra' to define someone else's personality, what does that mean?
1. S/he is good looking
2. S/he is talented
3. S/he is over the top
While the word may look normal, it isn't used to compliment someone, rather to criticise. 'Extra' is used for someone who's always too flashy or dramatic.
9. When someone says: 'S/he is so basic', what do they mean?
1. They are down to earth
2. They are not glamorous
3. They are not distinct
Now, basic is the exact opposite of extra, but still isn't used as a compliment. The term is used for someone who goes with anything that is trendy and has no personality of their own. Someone who isn't intriguing because they're the same as the rest of the herd.
10. When someone calls you a player, what are they saying about you?
1. You're not serious
2. You're sporty
3. You love online games
Player is a term used for someone who isn't keen on a serious relationship and has no intention of settling down. Such a person might also be involved in several romantic relationships simultaneously. Colloquially, the term is used for men who aren't trustworthy, in a romantic sense.

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With inputs from Ravi Mittal, founder, CEO, Quack Quack, an online dating app.

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