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Your train food experience: A hearty meal for Rs 10

November 18, 2015 14:14 IST
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We had asked you, dear readers, to share memories of what you ate on train journeys.

Here are a few more interesting responses. You can share yours too!

We start with Kolkata's Debmalya Ghosh who also shared a photograph of his simple breakfast:

"I am happy to share about a simple but satisfying meal I had at a railway station.

"In March 2014, during my journey from Balugaon station to Puri I had simple breakfast of uppuma and a dal of yellow peas and potato (image above) from a vendor stall at the Balugaon station.

"It was one of the best and healthy foods I have had, I still savour the taste.

"They were freshly made and served piping hot in a dona, a disposable bowl made of leaves.

"The leaves also added fragrance to the delicious food.

"The quantity was also more than sufficient.

"At a cost of Rs 10 a plate it was a hearty meal rich in healthy carbs and protein.

"Moreover it was served in an eco friendly manner. What more a person can ask for?

"On the same journey, while returning from Puri to Howrah on Dhauli Express we were served extremely bad food consisting of chicken curry and egg curry on the train. We had to throw it away and instead ate fruits that we were carrying.

Sandipan Kar takes us back to the 80s:

"Not all that happens with the Indian Railways is bad.

"I have been travelling between Ahmedabad and Howrah for the past 44 years.

"In the early seventies we did not have a direct train and two compartments were reserved which used to take us between these two locations (they were detached at Surat and Bhusaval) and it used to take about 48 hours.

"In the year 1980 (or 1981), I was travelling by first class with my parents, wife and young daughter.

"We were travelling from Howrah to Ahmedabad and it was for the first time my parents were travelling to Ahmedabad.

"It was the second night of our travel and I wanted my father to try an English non vegetarian dinner.

"We had ordered our food somewhere near Wardha or Amalnar.

"Our compartment was part of the Bombay Mail and it had a pantry car.

"It's been 35 years, but I still remember the food -- starting from soup to cutlet and dessert -- and it could have beaten a five star restaurant at that time.

"People do not mind spending money, but where is the service or honest intent to serve passengers?

"These days I travel by air but would certainly love to travel by train once a while if necessary facilities are offered and a good hygienic food is assured."

Jagannath M shares why he stopped ordering meals on trains:

"I have travelled a lot and in various trains for office related work.

"I have also travelled on the Pune and Bhubaneshwar route to visit our native place.

"In 1980s, the food served on steel plates was really worth eating, both the taste and price was good. 

"But now for the last 8 to 9 years, I have stopped eating train food due to the change in taste, quantity and price. 

"For our long distance travel between Pune and Bhubaneshwar, we pack enough food from home that lasts us for at least two meals. We also buy food from the vendors who come inside the train at smaller stations, for example the idli and sambar just before the train reaches Vishakhapatnam at 8 pm.

Kranti Kumar shares his experience:

"I travel from Pune to Hyderabad regularly.

"I usually take the Shatabdi Express and the food is not very good on the train.

"The bread given in the morning is of bad quality and served cold.

"Once my mother travelled in the same train and after eating the food she fell sick and was hospitalised for two days.

"She has stopped eating train food and either carries home food or travels without eating during the entire journey.

"I also don't eat anything on the train.

"I don't understand why the pantry won’t serve good quality tea or coffee.

"Indian Railways particularly South Central zone is in profits and still does not provide quality tea prepared with milk.

"We don't know whether tea sold at railway stations is made of purified water. We may get exposed to diseases by drinking that.

"Railways should think of serving good food, especially when they charge more money in AC trains like Shatabdi.

Ramendra S Sinha from Ghaziabad NCR shares his experience:

"In September 2012, I was travelling with my wife in Bhubaneswar LTT Superfast Express from Bhubaneswar to Pune. There was no pantry car in the train.

"The AC coach attendants collected Rs 300 from us to serve Paradise Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani at Secunderabad railway station.

"Later, we were told that the attendants who had gone to fetch the biryani missed the train when it departed Secunderabad.

"We also came to know that they had fleeced several other passengers who not only lost their money but had to go without dinner as the train had very few stops enroute.

"The TTEs travelling in the train refused to help lodge a formal complaint or make alternate arrangements for food.

"We were later informed by some co-passengers that there is a racket going on in the train and had gone through a similar experience in the past.

"The cheats would have collected around Rs 15,000 and vanished, only to resurface after the passengers depart at LTT."


'The pantry services in Deccan Queen is excellent'

'The uppuma simply melts in your mouth'

'In 1977, the waiters were prompt and courteous'

'We end up quarrelling with the pantry car staff'

'I ordered egg curry for lunch, it was stinking'

'Breakfast in Frontier Mail was 5 star'

Have you travelled by Indian Railways? Share your memories of the meals you have had on Indian trains.

If you have pictures, send us those as well. Mail us at and we will feature the best entries on Rediff.comand India Abroad.

Don't forget to mention your NAME, AGE and the place where you LIVE.

Lead image: Courtesy Debmalya Ghosh

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