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The world's most romantic hotspot? Show us!

Last updated on: February 04, 2011 16:33 IST
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Share pictures and stories of the most romantic spot you've ever been to!

Who doesn't love a vacation? And travel becomes even more special when you're with that special someone.

It needn't be the Taj Mahal or a palace in Venice or the Sydney Opera House -- it could be that charming spot in your own city where the two of you first met or just simply spend time together!

Get into the Valentine's Day spirit and tell us about those moments, those journeys you took with your partner and share pictures of your favourite romantic getaway. If there's a personal story behind it you think we should know, tell us!

And don't forget to say where exactly it's located. Who knows, that spot could well become special to someone else who's madly in love too!

Write in to with the subject line: 'My most romantic place' and we will publish the most interesting ones right here on!

Photograph: Sharayah Sherry, USA/Wikimedia Commons


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