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Spotted: A tiger in Pune

July 26, 2018 09:40 IST

We'd asked you, dear readers, to share stories and photographs of the national animal.
Rediff reader Deepak Kundnani, 34 shares his story.

I am a nature lover and hobby photographer.

I keep visiting zoos and animal parks.

Here are some photographs of tigers from Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Swargate, Pune clicked during different visits.

Tiger pic by Deepak Kundnani

All photographs: Kind courtesy Deepak Kundnani

Tiger pic by Deepak Kundnani

Dear readers, have you seen a tiger in your life?

How and where did you spot it? What was the experience like?

Do you have a photograph? How did you click it?

We want you to share your stories and photographs with us.

Write in to us at (subject: I spotted a tiger) along with your NAME, AGE, LOCATION and photograph, if possible. Please send us your entries before Friday, July 27, 2018. We'll feature the best ones right here

Disclaimer: The photographs featured in this series are, to the best of our knowledge, original entries submitted by readers. does not assume any responsibility for their originality.

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