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10 reasons to thank your stars for being born in India

Last updated on: July 31, 2015 17:05 IST
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Think about it! Where else you're going to see things like this eh?

Presenting our latest in the series of #India-Photos! (Psst! You can post your pictures too! Right here!)


You can study in a library -- Raza Library, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh -- that looks like a freaking palace and also has several rare and valuable manuscripts, specimens of Islamic calligraphy and miniature paintings as well as rare illustrated works in Arabic and Persian. Try to beat that!

Photograph: Irfan Rizvi


Wherever you are, you don't have to travel too far for a good trek. This one's a scene en route to Sandakphu, in West Bengal.

Photograph: Showvik Bhowmik


Watch the sun rise over a thick blanket of clouds.

Photograph: Sarba Nasker


Look for solace in religion and spirituality.

(Hanseswari Temple, Hooghly)

Photograph: Aniruddha Bhattacharyya


Or really just be overwhelmed by the sheer sight of nature around you.

(Har Ki Doon Valley, Uttarakhand)

Photograph: Suhas B


Come on! Don't tell us you don't feel relaxed just by looking at this picture!

(Parashar Lake, Himachal Pradesh)

Photograph: Shyam Chavan


The people are lovely. Heck they even make for such good pictures!

Photograph: Ruturaj Gorakh Mulik


And places of worship come in all shapes and sizes. This one's the Hidimba Devi Temple in Manali.

Photograph: Ruturaj Gorakh Mulik


Think about it! You really don't have to travel too far.

Whether it is to witness some peace and quiet...

(Naini Lake in Nainital)

Photograph: Narendra Sutar


Or just to witness just a little bit of drama! :-)


Photograph: Ruturaj Gorakh Mulik

Follow this link to post the best of your #India-Photos and we will publish them right here on and India Abroad! 

You can see all the published photographs here!

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Disclaimer: The photographs featured in this series are, to the best of our knowledge, original entries submitted by readers. does not assume any responsibility for their originality.

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