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Why Ankita Konwar ran a 10K marathon in a sari

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Last updated on: December 19, 2019 11:19 IST
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For the 8th edition of Pinkathon, Ankita Konwar covered 10 km in 64 minutes, dressed in the traditional Assamese mekhela sador. Here's the REAL reason why she chose to do it. 

Photographs: Courtesy Ankita Konwar/Instagram

Participants at the 8th edition of Pinkathon were in for a pleasant surprise. As most of them came prepared to run the marathon in their track suits, T-shirts and sports shoes, Milind Soman's wife Ankita Konwar chose to run in the traditional Assamese mekhela sador.

Dressed in the lovely black-and-orange silhouette, the fitness enthusiast covered 10 km effortlessly.

Her choice of clothing was inspiring, especially for women who believe that one needs expensive clothes and shoes to run marathons.

Taking to Instagram, Ankita revealed the real reason for wearing a mekhela sador. She said: 'With all the things going wrong back home in Assam and being so worried about it constantly, THIS was a positive change for my mental health.

'Physical activity is the key to better mental health. Also running in this mekhela sador somehow made me feel better as well.

'Even if I can't be with my family right now, this attire somehow made me feel closer to them. If you think running in a sari or a mekhela sador is tough or ridiculous, think about the women in villages; who swim, cycle, work in fields in this attire.

'I was only thinking of Birbala (Indian freedom fighter Kanaklata Baruah) during the entire distance. How she even fought for the country wearing this very attire.

'This is me, praying and wishing that peace prevails in Assam, that our worried thoughts are heard and understood, that love wins like ALWAYS!'

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