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5 irritating things couples do that drive us mad!

Last updated on: February 12, 2015 09:35 IST
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Yo! You couple people! Stop doing these things already.

Starting with:

1. Posting couple selfies

Like ever single day!

From the Udupi restaurant...

From the shopping mall...

From the terrace of your building...

From the damn kitchen of your house…

Stop it. Like now!

2. Assuming when we call you, your partner is invited too

Ok, first things first we don't get this love me, love my dog philosophy.

You may be our best friend but we may totally hate your partner but bear with them because of you.

So don't push your luck. Really don't!

Also, even if we do like your partner, invitations extended to you are most likely restricted to you only.

If we want you both to join us, let's say, for a party, we will invite both of you.

3. Online PDA

We can see what you're doing you know when you post on each others' Facebook walls.

And we don't want to see it.

Get a room.

4. When they try to fix us up

There are several of us who love being single.

We love our freedom and all the things we can do with it.

We love having a glass of wine by ourselves or going to the movies alone (seriously, you should try it once too).

What we're trying to say here is we don't need you to set us up all the time. And you do that... all.the.time.

5. You ditch your friends

Remember the time when we made plans to go out -- just the boys (or just the girls) like the old times -- and you ditched?

Remember how you did it again the second time.

And when you did care to join us the third time over, you spent almost all your time on the phone with your beloved?

Yeah... well... we hate it.

Of course we don't want to steal you from your beloved but hey you're our friend; we need you to be with us from time to time.

Give us (and yourself) a break, will ya?

We will love you even more!

Photograph: Nomadic Lass/Creative Commons

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