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#JabWeMet: We met on a train

Last updated on: February 13, 2015 20:37 IST
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We invited you, dear readers, to share your love stories this Valentine's Day.

Rediff reader Shankar Vasan from Toronto, Canada shares his 'Jab We Met' story. 

Girija and Shankar Vasan

This was way back in 1997 in the hot and sweaty month of May.

I was on a marketing tour from Delhi to Mumbai and Chennai.

After finishing my work in Mumbai, I boarded the AC coach for my onward journey to Chennai.

The train departed at 6.30 pm from Mumbai CST and was scheduled to reach Chennai at 6.00 pm the next day.

I slept early that night. It was in the morning that I met her as I was stepping off the train to get breakfast at Guntakal station. So was she.

I initiated a conversation just for fun which in the next one hour became a serious conversation.

We met three times at the door and talked some more. Neither of us had thought that our wave length would match so much and we would end up getting married.

Love at first sight does happen!

We got married the same year -- November 19, 1997.

Our mutual understanding is what keeps our relationship strong. 

We were also lucky that our parents agreed, although we had talked about eloping in case of opposition.

Everything happened so fast for us, that it sometimes feels like a dream.

As is rightly said, marriages are really made in heaven! 

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