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Taxi Woes: 'In Hyderabad too, they are looting customers'

Last updated on: September 02, 2016 15:20 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers to share your experience about taxis and autorickshaws in India.

Here are some of the responses we received. You can share yours too.

Raj, 34 from Andheri, Mumbai shares his experience:

I frequently travel in trains/auto/taxi during odd hours. My train arrives at Dadar at 4 am. When I take kaali peeli taxi they demand money upfront and say 'meter nahi lagega'.

I wait for the first train to come to Andheri by just paying Rs 10. I don't mind paying actual fare from Dadar to Andheri in taxi if they (were to) charge me proper fare.

They charge me three times the actual amount.

Malad resident Chris Fernandes share his plight:

My wife and son had a bad experience too. Two auto drivers refused to ply to Hyper city from Orlem in order to buy the provisions.

Apparently, this type of attitude and their unwanted behaviour makes us shun their services; however, due to majburi (certain constraints) we have no other choice but to use these abusive services.

Taking the above into consideration, it will be advisable and of course, beneficial, if the public at large start using the aggregator services like Uber and Ola, who are providing air conditioned vehicles and service with a smile and at times are more reasonable than auto charges.

I had written to the Transport Commissioner/Minister, Mumbai on August 2, 2016 thus:

Shri Diwakar Narayan Raote
Transport Minister,
Government of Maharashtra,
022-22024700, 2202573623616699, 23626699

Dear Sir,

I understand that the Mumbai Taxi and auto unions are planning a stir against Uber and Ola. Our humble request to ou Sir, that your Govt should NOT yield to their demands as ultimately the loser is going to be the common man for whom the Uber n Olas have been a boon. This competition by Olas n Uber have proved to be more viable costwise and safety wise. We have had enough from the wrath of the hooliganism of the autos n the taxis and it would be our humble request to you Sir, to not allow the taxi and auto unions to decide what we as users should get. I hereby protest against the illegal strike of these unions.

We expect the Maharashtra Govt to consider the public's demand and convenience as the foremost.

There are several reasons why the public at large are favouring Uber and Ola as againt Taxis and Autos as given below :

The Mumbai public have to literally beg Taxis/Auto wallahs to ta you to your destination inspite of paying high fares as against Uber & Ola who are polite, have airconditioned taxis, offer door-to-door service, and the services offered by Uber & Ola with the concept of getting your bill on e-mail & fair pricing, the concept of getting your exact fare cost even before you board your cab, the concept of not getting into a fight with the drivers for petty change, the concept of pricing as per GPS & not the on Road rolling of wheels !

This is how you, as the Transport Minister of Maharashtra can help a huge chunk of population, save their personal economy thus seting a chain reaction to activate our general economy instead of listening to and heeding to Taxi/Auto Union, who also need to change for the better if they need to remain competitive.

I/We would appreciate Sir, if you please consider my/our humble request not to comply with the Taxis/Auto Union strike, which I consider it illegal and going against the democratic rights of the aam admi/common man.

Thanking you, Sir

Chris Fernandes

Soubhagya Kanungo, 30 from Thane shares her experience:

I once bought a plastic chair from Centrum, Ghodbunder road, Thane. I live in Waghbil naka which is hardly 2 to 3 km from Centrum from where I bought the chair.

Unfortunately I had to wait for 40 minutes. Not a single auto driver agreed. I was feeling so helpless that day, I simply got mad.

I sat on the chair on the road. It felt awkward. Everyone who passed me simply looked at me.

I was so helpless that I even thought of returning the chair to Centrum. Before that I decided to call my friend who had a car. And (fortunately), he came.

Otherwise I could not imagine what would have happened.

When I remember that day, I feel bad. How could anyone simply deny someone who really needed their help.

VVN Murthy from Hyderbad shares his story:

My name is VVN Murthy, 76 yrs from Shivajinagar, Manikonda, Hyderabad.

I am associated with a private insurance broking company located at Rajbhavan Road, Hyderabad as an Insurance Consultant from May 2016.

Considering my age and the pollution hazard and to attend office on time, I have been coming to office and returning home through an Ola or Uber cab.

The aggregators in Hyderabad too, like autos in other places, are looting the customers.

The cab does not come on time due to which I arrive late in office defeating the purpose of spending a substantial amount.

Three days ago, it rained heavily in Hyderabad. On such occasions, no cabs are available.

After repeated requests, an Ola driver demanded Rs 600 and Uber charged Rs 1100 for one trip which normally costs between Rs 200 and Rs 210.

In Delhi and Bangalore, Courts recently ordered these aggregates NOT to surge the fares and insisted to fix digital meters and charge as per meter. Both Ola and Uber are following the court's directions.

In order to curb the malpractices adopted by these two operators, I am thinking of filing a case in Hyderabad High Court to pass similar orders to save the customers from the exploitation.

Dear Readers,

What's your experience been like with auto and taxi drivers been?

Do you get rides at first request? How do you deal with arrogant drivers?

Do you think cab operators like Ola and Uber are better alternatives in your locality?

Share your views and experiences, good and bad with us. Write to (subject: Auto and Taxi Woes) along with your NAME, AGE and the place you LIVE in. We'll publish the best ones right here on

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