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Readers share pics of their Navratri Golu

October 04, 2019 14:38 IST

We asked you to share pics of your Navratri celebration. This is what our readers shared.

IMAGE: We begin with a pic of Suresh Iyer's elaborate festive decoration.

IMAGE: Suresh Iyer also shared this pic.

IMAGE: What do you think of RK Anand's artistic display?

IMAGE: Surendran from Pune shared this pic of the celebration at his home.

IMAGE: A pic of the Golu displayed at Surendran's house.

We ask you, dear readers how are you celebrating Navratri? Share pics of your celebration and we will publish it for you.

Click here to post your photograph or simply mail them to (subject: Navratri pics). We'll publish the best ones on

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