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'I don't know whether he loves me or not'

Last updated on: December 11, 2014 16:08 IST
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Love Guru"There's only one way to find out if he is serious about you or not -- ask him about it."

"Unless she sends out clear signals that she is interested, or makes conversation first don't try anything."

In an online chat with readers, Rediff's Love Guru offers relationship advice.

Is your love life down in the dumps?

Has your chosen one left you for someone else?

Or maybe you don't know how to approach the person you fancy?

In an online chat with readers every Thursday,'s Love Guru offers relationship advice

For those who missed the chat on December 11, here's the transcript:

ajay panda: I am in search of a girl to marry. But I am unable to speak when I am close to her, please help me.

Love Guru: Ajay Panda, what you need is a self-confidence course, and maybe a grooming one too, so you feel natural about expressing yourself with her.

There are any number of such courses, just search online, and go for a reputed institute, not some unheard-of entity.

PRAKASH CHANDRA BEHERA: haloo sir help me discussion normal a girl she is my dream girl just looking me any way at bus.

She is a teacher. Can I propose her? Please help me.

Love Guru: Prakash Chandra Behera, unless she sends out clear signals that she is interested, or makes conversation first don't try anything. What you have in mind is possible in Hindi films, not in real life, I am afraid

zara: sir ji plz help I have been dating a guy for 2 years we have had a lovely time etc.

He has never been big on affection but is a good lover but woh mujhe lekar serious hai ya nahi woh apni ghar par aaj tak mere bare me nahi bola hai. Main kya samjhu. plz help

Love Guru: Zara, there's only one way to find out if he is serious about you or not -- assuming if you have got signals to the effect so far.

That is to ask him about it.

But my guess is, if you get the feeling that he is not serious about you, probably you are right.

Just ask her, man! What's stopping you from doing it?

All Is Well: Hi!! I am 32 yr Old attracted to 64 yr old I am undergoing the Divorce!

I don't want to divorce my husband!

I met him other day and was infatuated and we had physical contact!

I did not cherish the moments but after that I did not have regrets too!! Where am I heading ?

Love Guru: All is Well, seems to me right now you are heading to cuckoo land.

You say you are undergoing divorce, next line you say you are not.

You did not cherish the moments but did not have regrets either. Please make up your mind about what you want to do!

Soniyaiyer: I'm thirty. I met this guy online and we hit it off.

We been dating for 5 months and I have have just found out he is married with kids but im pregnant with his child.. Help me

Love Guru: Soniyaiyer, first things first. What do you want to do with the pregnancy -- even if your man doesn't redeem the relationship?

That has to be your first decision. I am guessing your man won't stand by you, am I right? So get a move on.

I hope this incident makes you wiser about trusting strangers all too easily

Gunjal Dhage: What should I do about finding out that the one I love is funding her university studies with escort (prostitution) work?

Love Guru: Gunjal Dhage, a most unusual problem. As you know, there are two options before you: stay, or go.

Weigh the options.

Stay only if you are sure this won't cast a shadow on the relationship.

If you think you can't do it, then take the other option.

Love Guru: Thank you all folks for being here. Let's chat again next Thursday, 3 pm IST

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