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'Serve food on banana leaves in restaurants'

October 08, 2020 16:17 IST
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We asked you, dear readers for your kind suggestions and tips for restaurants as they plan to open their door for patrons.

This is what Krishnan M from Chennai shared.

Photograph: Kind courtesy

1. Serve food on banana leaves in restaurants.

2. On a table, only two people should be permitted to sit. They should be seated diagonally opposite and not facing each other.

3. Inside the restaurant in a comfortable spot or somewhere near the entrance, a facility for constant flow of hot steam can be arranged, so that the customers can inhale it for 5 to 10 seconds as a healthy/preventive measure. This should be done before eating food. Or it can also be arranged on the dining table like how hand-washing bowls are used.

4. Coffee or tea should be served only in a kettle and should be poured into a metal glass (preferably brass) when it is to be consumed.

5. Avoid use of all kinds of straws.

Please mail your suggestions and tips on how restaurants can protect their customers in these difficult times

Write to (Subject: Safety tips), along with your NAME and LOCATION.

We'll carry the best responses right here on

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