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Advice to self: 'Dream big, set goals, achieve them'

January 04, 2020 10:28 IST

We'd asked you, dear readers, to write a message to your 15-year-old self.
reader Eaknath Bandu Lote, 40 who is currently working as a private secretary in a government organisation in Mumbai shared his advice.

Eakanath Bandu Lote

Dear Eakanath,

Do you remember during the annual school inspection, how the education inspector asked everyone what they wanted to become in life?

You were so nervous. You were sitting in one of the back benches and thought you were not brilliant enough.

Everyone shared their dreams. Some said they wanted to become engineers, others said doctors and teachers.

You did not want to imitate them. It's a good thing that you don't follow the herd.

You shouldn't hesitate to share your thoughts. It is okay to choose a different profession.

If you want to become a personal assistant to a big bosses, it is perfectly fine.

Don't worry about the people who will laugh at you. Your classmates may doubt your abilities, but you should not.

You should choose a profession based on your abilities and academic performance.

It does not matter what profession you choose. You have to be best in whatever you do.

You can pursue your dream and become a good personal assistant and prove to your classmates that you lived your dream and achieved it too.

People who laugh at your English skills today will appreciate you for choosing your own path.

Some of your friends who will become engineers or doctors may find it difficult to adjust in their professions simply because they followed their peers.

My advice to you is to dream big, set higher goals on each time and try to achieve them constantly.


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