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My mother, my guru

By Anita Aikara
Last updated on: September 05, 2018 12:08 IST
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On the occasion of Teachers' Day, Miss India Universe runner-up and model Aradhana Buragohain has a message for her mother and her guru.


Photograph: Courtesy Aradhana Buragohain/Instagram

"Thank you Ma.

"Whatever I have learnt is because of you.

"The reason that I am here, is because of you. 

"Thank you for being so supportive and letting me live my dream.

"Thank you for believing in me.

"When I left my job as a sub-editor and took up modeling, I did it because I thought that life is so short and I need to experiment.

"My mother is a teacher. My dad is a doctor, and my family has absolutely no connection with this industry. I am the first model in the family.

"My career switch was a big deal my parents. Yet they were very supportive.

"When I once did a bikini shoot which went off fabulously, some people saw my photos and told my parents, 'Oh do you know what your daughter is doing?'

"But my parents were absolutely okay with the shoot. At that time too, they were supportive.

"Now, my mother wishes that I become an international model.

"I hope that I can live up to her dream."

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