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'I'm Single. Girls Ghost Me. Pls Help'

Last updated on: May 14, 2024 11:19 IST
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Stop wasting time on online dating and start meeting girls in real life, urges rediffGURU Mohit Arora.

  • You can post your dating-related questions to rediffGURU Mohit Arora HERE.

'I am single. Girls ghost me'

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

Are you single?

Dating someone who is not interested in you?

How do you navigate the challenges of being in a committed relationship?

rediffGURU Mohit Arora can help.

Mohit is a relationship coach, image consultant, soft skills trainer and the founder of Real Dating School.

He offers advice on how you can manage your emotions and improve your personality to be more confident and positive.

  • You can post your dating-related questions to rediffGURU Mohit Arora HERE.

Anonymous: Hello. I am an introverted person.
I talk very little and this is becoming a problem in our relationship; he is saying I am not opening up to him, 
I am hiding things.
How can I change myself from an introverted to an extroverted person?

It's possible through a series of steps and by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone gradually.

1. Start saying hi to everyone (you will feel better after doing it).
2. Start making small conversations,
3. Don't filter too much. Say what comes to your mind.

There are many more things you can do; however, it requires personalised assessment and guidance.

I hope this helps for now.


Anonymous: Hello, I'm a 33-year-old guy from Pune. Till now I have always remained single although I had a few dates via online platforms but it never got converted into something.
I have been looking for a partner since Covid but the girls I'm interested in and want to pursue ahead do not communicate properly and mostly end up ghosting.
I am 6'2 with a stable job in IT MNC with a good salary and looking for someone whose height is 5'5 and above.
What are the ways I can approach this?
I wish that I meet the girl in person at least on weekends if not on weekdays. I don't have the patience to communicate online for a long time.
I do not have anyone of my liking in my social circle and it's very limited as there is still 'work from home' going on I do not like short, fat girls whose looks are below average.
Sorry for being blunt but this is as straight as much as I can put out.

I understand your situation. This is how it is for a good majority of men.

However, there is a way out. Stop wasting time on online dating and start meeting girls in real life.

Now, you may ask: How?

You can go out -- malls, markets, clubs and talk to any girl you like and see how you can be attractive, attentive and better at expressing yourself.

I know it may sound weird or scary, but it's not.

I've been doing it for more than a decade; hundreds of my students are doing it as well and their dating and love life has skyrocketed.

I would urge you to get started.


Anonymous: We have 3 years of relationship, which includes two years of being in a long distance. We have great bonding. But the major issue is that we have no future together.
He belongs to a Brahmin family. His family is very strict and will not accept inter-caste marriage.
They don't want him to move out of the house. Right now he is pursuing MBBS and I am pursuing computer science.
I live in Bangalore as it's a tech hub and the best place for my career.
His future is in Gujarat so he tells me to come there after marriage.
We have a lot of time to think but he doesn't want me to be caught in the situation as he cannot promise me that he will make it work 100 per cent.

He keeps telling me that only if I come to Gujarat, things will work out and he can convince his family.
He also warns me that by saying 'Even if you come, my parents may not fully accept you and may say something rude as I belong to general (non-Brahmin) maybe you will regret for your career as well.'
What should I do? Should I compromise my career and do a remote job or stay in a small company just for him? Or should I leave him?
Even I have a great fear of not getting any soulmate after this because of the experiences of my elder sisters and brothers -- they are unable to find the perfect partners and it's hard to get married to an unknown person.
I know I am overthinking at this stage but am confused too. I also don't have many friends to talk to about my personal problems.
It's been two years that I have been through my personal loss and family problems.
Sometimes I am in pain, getting suicidal thoughts. It's not for the relationships. Please help me with this

Tell him to step up as a man and decide.

You don't need a soul mate.

The one you are seeking is yourself. Meanwhile, you can choose to be financially strong.

  • You can post your dating-related questions to rediffGURU Mohit Arora HERE

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