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Rakhi@LFW: How Hasleen Kaur got her brother in trouble

By Rajesh Karkera
Last updated on: August 23, 2018 11:50 IST
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We feel for you, Harsimrit!
Text, photograph: Rajesh Karkera

Hasleen Kaur

If my brother, Harsimrit Singh, knows what’s good for him, he had better send me a lot of money!! :))

He's 32 and we have shared a lot of memorable moments.

When we were younger, I would always get him into trouble.

The truth is, I was the naughty one. After doing some mischief, I would start howling and the next thing that happens is… my poor, innocent brother gets a slap.

I was very good at this :)


I do remember one incident when I didn’t mean to get him into trouble, but he still did.

In my defence, I was very young.

We were in the car and my dad had stepped out.

My brother was in the driver’s seat in the stationary car – yes, my dad had carefully taken the keys with him -- and he was pretending he was driving it.

He was going “vroom, vroom” and pretending to turn the steering wheel.

Just then, a wasp stung me and I howled!

The moment my dad saw me crying, he yelled for my brother to step out of the car. And…. THAADD!!... he got a loud slap.

My poor brother kept saying, “I didn't do anyyything." 

It was the wasp that bit me, but my brother got it :(

Almost every time I cried, he would be the one who was blamed.

I really did trouble him a lot.

I hope he gives me at least Rs 5,000-10,000 this Rakhi.

I will very diligently send him a very nice, exclusive rakhi which will cost not more than Rs 250-300 and he should reciprocate with lots of money. :)

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