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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Getahead » The World of Misfits Fashion Show

The World of Misfits Fashion Show

By Rediff Get Ahead
September 13, 2022 16:54 IST
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Prabal Gurung chose the old Japanese consulate at New York's United Nations Plaza to be the venue for his Spring/Summer 2023 collection because a United Nations backdrop underlined the message he read out, to his audience and the world at large, via his array of garments.

The big talking point of the show was the pointedly inclusive cast of models, including US Vice President Kamala Harris' step-daughter Ella Emhoff.

In a departure of sorts from his previous work, this collection was curiously titled World of Misfits.

Photographs: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Prabal summed up his collection with these words: 'Spring 2023 is a celebration of those who are often monitored, scrutinised, watched, but rarely seen. You know, these are the people, misfits of the world' adding that his line gives voice to the under-represented.

To convert his musings into fashion he utilised bandaged ensembles, cutout dresses in floral prints and almost all the models sported sinister-ish black latex gloves.



Green, pink, black and lots of glorious chocolate brown skin. It was what the playful pink halter-neck top and skimpy green mini-skirt left bare that was more important than the clothes.



Ella Emhoff, whose dad Doug Emhoff is married to US Veep Kamala Harris, in a tangle of bright lawn green.



The black gloves are a solid sucker punch when sported with this dreamy flowing confection of white lace and sheer matched with an unbuttoned blazer.



It's a mixed message here: The bandaged strait-jacket top, the harsh black gloves and the model's stern demeanour are softened by the breezy waves of the skirt and the sheer fluffy over-gloves.

The pink and red melange represents youth. 'If I'm ever in doubt about the world, hope is in the youth. It's a celebration of the colourful,' Prabal said in an online interview.



Nearly the same outfit has a more entrancing and fun effect on this model because of the spaghetti straps and the two-toned pleated skirt and her mysterious semi-smile.



Where are her gloves? What do the dark maroon latex stockings convey dfferently from black gloves?

In Prabal's attempt of 'showing the world the different versions of beauty through clothes and people' he knocks it to the audience with this happy-go-lucky, bouncy dress-ish ensemble.

The totally mood-contrasting head covering, demure wraparound sunglasses and modesty offers a whiff of Morocco or some place in Arabia.



Swish, twirl, swish, twirl... this complicatedly draped fanciful gown in pink with cape sleeves and a criss-cross neck embraces Barbiecore, the season's most significant fashion flavour.

Doesn't The Pink Lady and her costume remind you of singer-actor Grace Jones and her outrageous togs?



Yards and yards of baby blue tulle and latex make her look like a supernova.



The flirty hues gentle the severe contours of these printed dresses and even suggest the black latex take a hike.

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