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Poses Disha Patani Is Obsessed With

February 22, 2023 10:04 IST
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Most of us instantly freeze goofily in front of the camera.

Our bodies suddenly go stiff like corpses. And we end up with the most embarrassing pics ever.

It's called camera fright or camera shyness.

Disha Patani suffers from none of that and the camera simply feasts on her.

Learn a trick or two from the actor to get a bunch of pics that will boost your confidence.

You may not be able to steal Disha Patani's thunder before the camera, but you can definitely try copying her signature poses -- to get those lit emojis and compliments rolling in.

IMAGE: The side twist of the head.
Startled half-open lips.
Wistful eyes fastened right on the lenses.
Disha creates the right angles with the slight enquring tilt of her face.
And 1-2-3 Cheese! Isse kehta hai acting.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Disha Patani/Instagram


IMAGE: Obeisance to the sun in a classic model pose with the tacit approval of the placid blue-green ocean.
She is not just standing still and looking confident -- her steamy stance, mildly on tiptoes, is disarming.
It guarantees weakness at the knees for all who look upon her.


IMAGE: Sunbathing and not Kung Fu Yoga.
A perfect head hold for the pics.
Disha is known to favour one side.
No brownie points for guessing which side it is.


IMAGE: The bent elbow pose is when you oh-so casually move your hands away from your waist to draw attention to your incred bod as you tilt your hips.
You don't look into the camera but dreamily somewhere in the distance like you're remembering Tiger Shroff and his eight pack abs.


IMAGE: The hypnotic over-the-shoulder look with its veiled flirty-ness is classy.
It's a pose that lets you flaunt lovely shoulders, an unruly mane of hair and your side profile in a defiantly sexy dress that has solid baaghi vibes.


IMAGE: She does it again but in a virginal white ghagra and with a vulnerable air about her.


IMAGE: Show! Off! That! Back!
With those doe eyes and messy adorable hair is there anything we can say except Tujhe Rab Mana?


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