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Plastic ban: 'We carry our own containers'

Last updated on: April 10, 2018 09:04 IST
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We'd asked you, dear readers, to tell us how you are dealing with the ban on use of plastic. 

THANK YOU for your feedback.

Here are some more responses we received from you.

Adeeti Gandhi, 32, above, from Mumbai tells us how her family is supporting the plastic ban:

We use glass bottles and cans for getting milk as our vendor has stopped plastic bags. Vegetables and fruits are stored in cloth bags.

Since it's the best season to make mango achaar, I took a steel container to get shredded mangoes!

We carry glass bottles to work as the climate is hot.

Even to buy loose biscuits, dal, aata etc we carry our own containers. 

Plastic ban responses

Adeeti's grandmother shows us she's in favour of the plastic ban.

A very good initiative started by Sahakari Bhandar is where they use compostable bags for packing material!

We use these bags to dispose our wet wastes.

At many places we use paper bags too, like to carry office papers, share things with each other in daily lives. Even gift wrapping is done with paper instead of plastics. 

The real challenge maybe Mumbai rains , but I guess rexin bags would make life simpler. 

In short, I truly support plastic ban, old school stuff is way funkier than plastics! 

I truly wish people support plastic ban and live an environment friendly life.

Khan Imran Ahmed also reasoned why he supports the ban:

We support the ban. We must ensure to carry a cloth bag; it is easy to buy and reuse.

Office goers can carry one in their bag. Those with utility two-wheelers can store a spare one to use when buying groceries or daily supplies.

We need to make this habit compulsory to save our planet and take care of environment.

Dear Readers, have you been able to completely get rid of plastic from your daily routine?

Tell us about your interesting ways and methods to deal with the plastic plan.

You can also share photographs of how you support the plastic ban. Your views and suggestions can be helpful for other readers too.

E-mail your stories, experiences and challenges you are facing to I Support Plastic Ban) along with your NAME, AGE and LOCATION, if possible. We'll feature the best responses on

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