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YOUR secrets to living life to the fullest

Last updated on: January 23, 2012 13:04 IST
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In a few days from now, the legendary Khushwant Singh will celebrate his 97 birthday.

Still full of life, still full of the humour that has made him one of India's most beloved writers.

In a recent column in the Deccan Herald newspaper, Mr Singh outlined his 'Tricks of Life Sutra.'

The 10 things, he felt, one must do to ensure a healthy, fulfilling, life.

'Maintain a strict routine for intake of food,' Mr Singh advised, adding, 'Use a stop watch if necessary.'

'Never allow yourself to be constipated,' said another Singhian prescription.

You can read the column here (external link).

After you read Mr Singh's column, we want to know from you, Dear Reader, what your Life Sutras are.

Share your mantras for living life to the full with us, and other readers.

Tell us how you stay happy and healthy, serene and full of life.

Please send us an e-mail at (Subject line: 'My Life Sutras'). And we will publish the best ones on

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